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A day at the Museum with the GAAH Press Club

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The GAAH Press Club visited the Grand Rapids Public Museum for the "Museum Free 4 All."
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/Press Club photographer Dulce

For this article, the GAAH Press Club reporters had three objectives: to write the article in the third person, to begin the article with action, and to interview someone at the museum. Below are the descriptions of their experiences at the museum. All of the photos were taken by Dulce, a Press Club reporter.



Weooo, weooo, the organ goes! On April 15, 2012, the Press Club went to the Museum Free 4 All event at the Grand Rapids Public Museum. The organ was very interesting because it had different sounds, horns, horses and doorbells.
Fun Fact 1: The organ we were hearing was one of three organs [like it] in the world. One was burned up, and the other was possibly in the Caribbean, said Paula Sullivan, the organist.
Fun Fact 2: That organ was made for old silent movies.
Have you ever seen the scene in Pinocchio when his Dad gets swallowed by a whale? Well, in the museum there is a skeleton of a whale above everyone’s heads. It was gargantuan.
There was a plethora of people.
When you were small, did you ever drink beach water on accident? Where was a colossal drop of water (exhibit) that showed all kinds of yucky creepy stuff in it.
We also went to the carousel. It was lit up with many, many lights. Kids were screaming “Weeeeee!” It seemed really fun. The kids were sitting on tall lions and majestic horses.
To conclude, the Grand Rapids Public Museum had many exhibits and all of them were very interesting.


Children screamed as they ran to the camp where the soldiers used to camp before they were in war. They giggled as Donny Hernandez tried on the fake moustaches and the hats and uniforms to look like soldiers.
As the strange old organ music played, the song was so intriguing that the kids peeked in and watched the lady play. The kids looked like they were hypnotized because the music was so interesting. With their mouths wide open, they stared at the organ, looking like they were in a spell.
Museum guests Jazmine Ford and Jordan Nawrocki were enjoying the day for free in the museum. They said, “It’s good that it’s free because it brings people from other parts of Michigan to the Grand Rapids Museum.” They also said that it offers a lot to see.
At the very end, they went to a carousel and went on. Some kids were too short to get on a horse, so they decided to change with a friend. One girl said, “It’s too fast! Slow down, please!” as she joked around. Kids laughed and laughed and joked around. One boy said that behind the merry-go-round there was a person playing the songs and the kids believed him. The kids were gullible.
At the end, everyone had to leave. They got so chatty and talked about their day in the Grand Rapids Museum.


“Crunch, crunch, crunch!” The Astronaut Ice Cream was spongy, textured, and smooth. It’s not like normal ice cream because if you wnat to have food in space it has to be solid so it is easier to grab onto. It smelled milky and cheesy.
Parents and their children were amazed by what they saw, from beards to soldiers, and from wild water to puppet theatre. A lot of people saw a t.v. phone where you grab a phone and put it to your ear. They you can hear what the people say.
Finally, before leaving, kids could stop at the carousel. “Weeee! Ah! Ah! Ah!” People had so much fun!


When the people walked in the tiny, crowded room of the mummies, there were two mummies and two clay sculptures of what the mummies looked like before. The mummies were rotten in the cases. They put paper that looked like toilet paper around their body so it can’t rot, except for the head. They saw mummies with one eye and few teeth. All the mummies were sealed in glass cases and the mummies looked like a million years old.
After people went to the mummy exhibit they moved to the animal exhibit. The rooms were humongous. It had more stuff than the mummy exhibit. It had a giant kind of elephant. Kids got into the tree house. The tree house was puny. A kid said, “Hey you guys are you ready to party?” Everybody started laughing.
When there was a little time left, kids went to the carousel. They got in and paid for the ride. There was a lot of decisions to make. Girls got girly horses and boys got manly horses. First it got slow and then fast. All the little kids were scared and the big kids weren’t. The kids liked the Museum Free 4 All and they wished they could go again.


There was a colossal skeleton of a whale near the entrance. It was free day and the Grand Rapid’s Public Museum was stuffed with people. The day was the Museum Free 4 All. It was very crowded inside the whole museum. First we went to Old Grand Rapids. There was a bike with huge wheels. Some people were short and could not pedal. Also, the gun shop had a plethora amount of guns. The Old Grand Rapids looked very different. Everything looked kind of shabby. There was a mummy display. The room did not have a lot of space. It was very crowded. One of the mummies, you can imagine it. It had one eye, the other is lost, its nose was getting very mushy. It did not have a lot of teeth. It looked like it had eaten too much candy and lost a lot of teeth. Another mummy looked very ancient. (All of the mummies looked musty and rusty.) It had a lot of designs and it looked like an important human.
Tori Dewitt looked at the money when it was in Old Grand Rapids, one of her favorite places. She said, “I like all the cars and old utensils.” After that, the Civil War came. There was a lot of info about Abraham Lincoln. There were hundreds and hundreds of people that died in that war. There were some smells of the camps, for example: whiskey, coffee, cigar smoke, gun powder, etc. They had a replica of a camp, soldiers’ uniforms, and beards. Kids wore these things to look like a soldier from the Civil War. Back then, they used to use drums to warn each other to prepare for war. There were guns that they used in the war, like a sheriff’s pistol.
Next, there was electricity going everywhere. Imagine that you had two sticks, one end they were together, and the other end isn’t, then imagine electricity going up and down. Next, there were kids rushing and dragging their parents to the carousel. They were happy and excited to get on a pony ride. Last but not least, the Grand River. There was a great view of the river. Water was splashing with waves.


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