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Dancing with DITA

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DITA hosted an Education Day, bringing students to the Wealthy Theatre to learn about Modern Dance.
DITA performs part of Trip the Light

DITA performs part of Trip the Light /WMCAT students

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Education Day for area youth with DITA and Wealthy Theatre

Along with the performance for WMCAT and GAAH youth, Wealthy Theatre partnered with DITA to present a before and after object lesson to many public schools, private and charter schools as well as homeschool children. The piece, combining dance and music, was performed with work lights only and without costuming, just jeans and shirts, and low audio. The piece was then performed with the full performance lights, costuming and full audio. The science of the performance differences was explained to the group, who were engaged throughout each version. Then they were encouraged to ask further questions, and give their impressions of each.


DITA performs part of Trip the Light

DITA performs part of Trip the Light /WMCAT students

DITA performs part of Trip the Light

DITA performs part of Trip the Light /WMCAT students

The Andy Angelo Press Club attended DITA's Education Day at Wealthy Theatre, and WMCAT students took photos of the performance. This is a collaboration of their work.

Chloe, Age 12

On Tuesday April 30, Dance in the Annex, a dance group, performed part of Trip the Light. The choreographer Shawn Bible began with a speech.

"I usually have a dance plan before rehearsal even starts," he said, "but this time was different. I didn't plan anything ahead of time, instead I watched my dancers for a while, noted on their dancing styles and based the choreography off of that." The dance involved lots of chairs; chairs for standing on, sitting on and even playing the accordion on! That’s right, the accordion. Michael Schaffer, an accordion player, had three weeks of practice to learn how to dance while holding, and playing, the accordion. That’s a lot of work. And every dance is and will be different! On May 11 at 8 p.m., Trip the light will be performing with live bands! 

Being a dancer and a singer, I would like to say that this dance was very fitting to the music. The costumes matched the dance very well, they were vintage dresses, "and we wore boots," said Amy Wilson, a dancer, "we usually don't because it makes dancing very difficult." The dance was also very breathtaking- literally. With almost every step, they breathed very loudly; I thought the breaths represented sighs from being done with work for the day. The dance seemed to be about a dilemma between a couple who live in the mountains and the whole village is trying to help them. Because that’s what community is for right?

So go see Trip the Light to support them and to create a better community. Make some friends too! Because that’s what community is for! 


Antonio, Age 12

The Creative Youth Center went to a performance on April 30 to see some dancers from Dance In The Annex, or DITA for short. They are performing in an event called Trip The Light. After we got introduced to the dancers we sat down and the lights started to get dim. The dancers started to get on chairs and they did some rhythmic breathing. Next they started to rearrange the chairs like a Ferris wheel then Michael Schaeffer stood on top of a chair and started to play a song with his accordion. The music matched with the movement the dancers had made. Everything was on beat and very interesting.

The director of the dance or the choreographer told us they liked to play a lot during the practices, he told us that that’s actually how the people in the dance got their outfits. Their outfits were like women that lived in a village that raised goats and climbed mountains. In my opinion it was very interesting, often in their dancing they would do some break dance related things. Also it was kind of weird but not in a bad way, I'm talking about the good type of weird. The kind of weird that will always catch your eyes in any situation. I am strongly recommending going to this event to local dancers because it will probably give you another perspective in dance in many ways.


Donny, Age 12

The Creative Youth Center (Press Club) went to go see one dance part out of the many dances of the event: Dance In The Annex (DITA). It was April 30, 2013. The Press Club interviewed the performers of the event while the performers of the event got on stage. The lights went dim, and the performers sat on chairs. The performers were doing some kind of dance on the chairs. The female performers were wearing clothing that made them look like if they were climbing mountains as a village, with goats. Meanwhile the other female dancers were performing their act, Michael Schaeffer (the only male) started playing the accordion. Schaeffer was emerging his way out of the back and came to the front. The dancers were placing chairs to the front of the stage. He was getting to the top of the chairs and he was playing the accordion while he was on the chairs. The performers were still dancing around him. Soon, the female performers were all around Schaeffer, who was still playing the accordion. When all of the female performers were around Schaeffer, it seemed like if it was a Marry-Go-Round because the performers were speed walking around him. After all of that happened, he placed his instrument on the back. Then, all of the performers, including the male performer, sat on the chairs. They continued with their act, although this time it was more organized. The other performance was less organized. But the second act was more "catchy," or in other words, interesting. Actually, it was more entertaining and amusing. They finished very well and finished strong! It was a "Ok" performance at first but in the end, they finished very strong!

In conclusion, the performance was not organized at first, but in the end, it was AWESOME! Also, I would recommend this event to anyone who likes the art of dancing and music. 


Edgar, Age 10

"HAH," the performers said in the performance from Trip the Light.

Andy Angelo Press Club went to an event called Dance In the Annex On April 30, 2013. The choreographer of DITA was Shawn Bible. The dance was A Modern Dance for an educational day for kids. The public could see Trip the Light on May 11 at 8 p.m. at Wealthy Theatre. Amy Wilson was a dancer in the performance. She started dancing at 8 Years old. Modern dancing compared to the dance that I dance that is break dance is a dance that I like the most, but I actually do not like modern dancing. I would recommend you to go to the performance from Trip the Lights on May 11 at 8 p.m. because Michael Schaeffer looked a lot like Mario and it was really funny.


Shirley, Age 10

UNIQUE!!!!!!!!!!! The Dance In The Annex (DITA) preformed at the Wealthy Theater on April 30. On May 11 at 8:00 p.m. DITA is going to perform in Trip The Light at The Wealthy Theater. In their performance there is going to be a live band and they are going to dance with chairs!

The costumes were very well chosen because it was supposed to be girls on the farm feeding sheep. I say that because the dresses have a farm looking pattern on it and the shoes are kind of old looking and the front of the shoes are worn off.

At the end it was QUESTION TIME!! Antonio asked "What was the hardest part of the dance?" The answer was a lot of complaining about their necks because they had to dance with chairs. It is a majestic performance and I hope you would watch DITA perform! 


Carlos, Age 14 

On April 30, 2013, Dance in the Annex performed a dance for student that came for Education Day. Shawn Bible, the choreographer, said that he didn't plan anything [for the dancers], he just walk into the rehearsal and to see what the dancers do. He would keep some things and he would change some things in the dance. 

One interesting thing that was in the dance was when the lady breathed her breath out people followed her moves. One other interesting thing in the dance is that they leaned on the chair. The dancers where changing their position very quickly. The costumes that the dancers wore looked like part of a village in Italy. 

The dance was very interesting and confusing. One thing that was confusing in the dance was the moves that they were changing. They look like puppets that someone was controlling on the computer. The costumes that the dancers wore match the dance. I recommend people to go see Dance in the Annex this Saturday night at 8:00 p.m at Wealthy Theater.

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