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Spirit, Strength, and Sacrifice: The History and Significance of Cinco de Mayo

Submitted 05-04-2023 under VOICES

Many Americans celebrate Cinco de mayo, but very few know its true history and significance


Ethics and Religion Talk: The Difference Between Welcoming and Inclusive

Submitted 05-01-2023 under OPINION

Many spiritual communities have signs in front of their places of worship proclaiming that 'All Are Welcome,' but is that really true? If gay couples can't receive communion there, if women can't be ordained there, and if transgender people can't serve there, then are ALL people really welcome there


Ethics and Religion Talk: Beware of Entering Debates on Religion!

Submitted 04-24-2023 under OPINION

Do the panelists have any ground rules for entering into a religious argument or debate?


St. Cecilia Music Center brings Nashville-based The Lone Bellow to Grand Rapids with Special Guest Lindsay Lou on Thursday, May 4, 2023

Submitted 04-19-2023 under NONPROFITS

Making their latest U.S. tour across the country, The Lone Bellow is highly charged with a new album “Love Songs for Losers” beautifully composed and powerfully performed live on stage. Special Guest Lindsay Lou will open for The Lone Bellow.


Ethics and Religion Talk: Is the Death Penalty Ethical?

Submitted 04-17-2023 under OPINION

Can you imagine any circumstances which would justify imposing a death penalty? What standard of proof or evidentiary requirements would you require in order to consider a death penalty to be an ethical and fair punishment?


Ethics and Religion Talk: Do Dress Codes Discriminate Against Women?

Submitted 04-10-2023 under OPINION

How would your tradition speak to the question of differing dress standards for men and women?


St. Cecilia Music Center brings Folk Singer-Songwriter Joshua Davis & Band with Special Guest Singer-Songwriter Ralston Bowles to the St. Cecilia Music Center Stage on Thursday, April 27, 2023

Submitted 04-06-2023 under NONPROFITS

St. Cecilia Music Center (SCMC) will bring back two shining Michigan-based renowned folk musicians to the Royce Auditorium Stage on Thursday, April 27 at 7:30 p.m. - Singer, songwriter and guitarist Joshua Davis & his band, along with Guest Artist award-winning singer-songwriter Ralston Bowles.


Ethics and Religion Talk: How Do You Help People Who Have a Pattern of Making Poor Decisions?

Submitted 04-03-2023 under OPINION

How much are you obligated to help someone who is continually in a bind because of poor decisions and bad judgment, when you have already tried to point out that they could avoid this problem in the future if they made different decisions?


5 Women-Business Owners You Should Know in East Hills GR

Submitted 03-31-2023 under NONPROFITS

The East Hills Council of Neighbors Celebrates 5 Women Business Owners for Women's History Month!


Grand Rapids Art Museum Welcomes Cindy Meyers Foley as New Director and CEO

Submitted 03-27-2023 under NONPROFITS

Foley takes the helm of the Grand Rapids Art Museum on June 5, 2023