The Rapidian


The Rapidian adds photo of the day archive and expands media map

Submitted 11-09-2011 under OPINION

From the Staff: A quick round of up some of things we've been working on since The Rapidian was relaunched in mid-September


Fair Farm Bill Rally

Submitted 11-07-2011 under OPINION

West Michigan citizens demand Stabenow's support for Fair Farm Rules; listen to speakers Sheri Rop, Andrea Villarreal and Cynthia Price


Honor and protect our military veterans

Submitted 11-07-2011 under NONPROFITS

When you honor Veterans, remember that we all play a role in protecting one another. City Council serves communities and must do their duty to protect residents and workers, as so many veterans have done in serving this great nation.


Grand Rapids Most Haunted: Local haunted history

Submitted 10-28-2011 under OPINION

Grand Rapids Most Haunted took me on a whirlwind hunt of ghosts, city history and my own beliefs about the supernatural.


Life after the Arts Council

Submitted 10-27-2011 under OPINION

A reflection on the impending closure of the Arts Council of Greater Grand Rapids from a former employee: what happened and where do we go from here?


See you again

Submitted 10-25-2011 under OPINION

And here's where I'm grateful: When it comes to The Rapidian, I don't need to wait ten years to know what I will remember down the road.


The UICA's new Movie Theater is open, here's why you should go...

Submitted 10-24-2011 under OPINION

...In these cinemas, it seems that silence is undertaken voluntarily, nobody tampers with their iPhone or farts or rustles, everybody is fully invested in the vision before them...


On mission: Taking ArtPrize from good to great

Submitted 10-22-2011 under OPINION

What is needed for ArtPrize, the nonprofit organization, to be relevant and sustainable in the years to come? How can we deepen the conversation, and what is the role of the mission in that process?


Where's the film industry now, Governor Snyder?

Submitted 10-21-2011 under OPINION

The Grand Rapids film industry has been dealt a near fatal blow, due to the new $25 million cap Governor Rick Snyder has put on the film incentives.


Looking back: capturing the art and kitsch of fall

Submitted 10-20-2011 under OPINION

We look back on our Picturesque theme this fall - "Art or Kitsch?" - and look for inspiration for our next Picturesque gallery-none if which would be possible without our sponsor, ColorInc ProLab.