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Grand Rapids, MI Flickr group

Submitted 12-15-2009 under LOCAL LIFE

Meeting up with the Grand Rapids, MI Flickr group might seem a little intimidating if you look at the photos in the group pool. There are plenty of people carrying around big equipment, and it's full of quality photos from people who are just going...

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Snow drifts, sleds, seasonal cheer and pussycat beer!

Submitted 12-10-2009 under LOCAL LIFE

Ho,ho, howdy! I have shamelessly blaring holiday music in both my office and my home for 3 days straight. A few years ago I realized the Holiday season had sped by and I had barely noticed SO to retaliate I now INDULGE in the holidays…. I...

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The Role of a Curator in ArtPrize 2010

Submitted 12-07-2009 under LOCAL LIFE

ArtPrize 2010 should award the "Best Curation of an Unconventional Art Space." This past year, I would have voted for Holly Bechiri as its first recipient for her curatorial work at 45 Ottawa. Holly is an artist...

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Interview: Chatting with the organizers of The Litribune

Submitted 12-03-2009 under LOCAL LIFE

After seeing and hearing about The Litribune at Literary Life's National Bookstore Day, I decided to dig a little deeper and find out what the founder/organizer, Benjamin Davey, and the relations manager/organizer, Dan Climie, are really all about....

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Dr. Sketchy's (Photo Story)

Submitted 12-01-2009 under LOCAL LIFE

On the last Saturday of every month, The Vivacious Miss Audacious (Audria Larsen), invites art monkeys, as she calls them, to join her at the The Sazerac Lounge for Dr. Sketchy's Anti-Art School. It's like a normal life drawing class but with...

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Chance Jones LP release

Submitted 11-28-2009 under LOCAL LIFE

On Friday, November 27th, local band Chance Jones released The Incident at Primrose and West LP, yes, they released it on vinyl, at The Intersection. It's available on CD and for digital download as well. The band played two sets, the latter of the...

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Art Battle

Submitted 11-24-2009 under LOCAL LIFE

Earlier this month (Saturday, November 7th), approximately 500 individuals poured through the doors of a large warehouse at 955 Godfrey to observe 23 teams of artists compete for a grand prize of $500. For a meager $8, spectators enjoyed live music...

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WOTS: Get up, get out, get Art, all weekend long!

Submitted 11-20-2009 under LOCAL LIFE

Word on the Street is a semi-regular weekend update. It is published on Facebook, through the email and it makes its permanent home on G-RAD. You can post feedback in either place or, of course, send me an email at… [email protected] ....

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First Ever Downtown Turkey Throwdown

Submitted 11-18-2009 under LOCAL LIFE

Wondering if you're up to the challenge of Thanksgiving 2009?Like any physical or mental feat, success depends on preparation and practice. For Rapidians who are nervous about the upcoming holiday, there is an opportunity to give the event a trial...

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The Litribune Benefit Show

Submitted 11-15-2009 under LOCAL LIFE

Tonight (Nov. 15), there was a fundraiser for the local quarterly publication, "The Litribune" at Mexicains Sans Frontieres (120 S. Division #226). It's a non-profit periodical with a focus on community and involvement. The founders, Ben Davey and...

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