Community Updates: Friday, June 16

by (The Rapidian)

Submitted 06-16-2023 under NEWS

Grand Rapids City Commission Hosts "Commission Night Out" Meeting in GR's Third Ward On Tuesday, the Grand Rapids City Commission was at the Gerald R. Ford Academic Center (in the Third Ward) for the second Commission Night Out meeting of the...

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Learn about Pollinator Friendly Landscapes

by (mi-ggr-angela)

Submitted 06-08-2022 under NONPROFITS

Pollinators are on the decline, but you can help!  Many of us are familiar with the importance of planting flowers, but did you know that planting pollinator-friendly trees makes an even bigger difference for bees? To help us learn why trees...

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Planting Trees and Hope

by (Thomas Hegewald)

Submitted 11-23-2021 under LOCAL LIFE

You give up a lot when you start over. You let go of what’s familiar and move on to something unfamiliar. It takes a lot of work and perseverance to start over, especially to overcome the unknown. I, along with a group of volunteers, recently...

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Cleaning up after the storm: an interview with East Hills' Rachel Lee

by (Elizabeth Roger...)

Submitted 08-23-2016 under PLACE-MATTERS

Rachel Lee, Director of the East Hills Council of Neighbors started livestreaming a video on Facebook as soon as the tornado and storms had passed her area on Saturday, August 20, 2016, sharing news and warnings with her community as soon as she...

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Branching out: Grand Rapids continues to grow its citizens forestry program

by (Michigan Wildli...)

Submitted 08-10-2016 under NONPROFITS

Trees are Angela Schmidt’s happy place. Surrounded by their green goodness, the 45-year-old happily recalls childhood summers spent exploring neighborhood parks or camping with her family. “I think nature was always important to me since...

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Tree canopy report outlines success, offers recommendations

by (FriendsofGRParks)

Submitted 06-14-2016 under NONPROFITS

Despite what you may think, a C- is nothing to be ashamed of. At a young age we are taught that A+ is perfect, B+ is above average and a C is average. Thanks to social norms we have this idea that C- grade is something to be ashamed of. I beg to...

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Catalyst Radio: how public parks inspire sustainable communities

by (Catalyst Radio)

Submitted 05-10-2016 under NONPROFITS

Don't have time to listen now? Download the mp3 and listen at your leisure. Daria Gosztyla, Urban Forest Project Coordinator at Friends of Grand Rapids Parks, shares information about the upcoming planning process for city parks, how...

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Parks are living rooms of our neighborhoods, hold communal memories

by (FriendsofGRParks)

Submitted 05-03-2016 under PLACE-MATTERS

At Friends of Grand Rapids Parks, it is easy to get caught up in the logistics of managing parks and green spaces. As a hyper-organized young professional, it is far easier to get lost in park and open space planning. I can easily spend a day...

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Celebrating Arbor Day, the Urban Forest Project plants 150 trees in Mulick Park

by (FriendsofGRParks)

Submitted 04-26-2016 under NEWS

In Michigan we know that our forests and trees are beautiful and special, but you might not know that the founder of Arbor Day, which is a legal United States holiday and is celebrated this year on Friday, April 29, spent the majority of his most...

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Grand Rapids trees fight climate change

by (WMEAC)

Submitted 03-02-2016 under NONPROFITS

For many, climate change seems a distant reality. The first thought the term inspires may be stranded polar bears and the dwindling summertime Arctic Ocean ice coverage. However, climate change effects have been observed on every continent: just...

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