Literature in Translation Panel at GLCL

by (Write616)

Submitted 07-15-2015 under

Literature is a way of communicating, just like speech. How does translation impact what is trying to be communicated? Join us here at GLCL on Wednesday, August 5, at 6:30 p.m., as our panel discusses the issues, challenges, and joys of creating...

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Chinese proverbs, sayings come alive thanks to Calvin profs

by (AnnByle)

Submitted 06-18-2012 under LOCAL LIFE

Qin Xue (pronounced Chin Sweeyeh) and Larry Herzberg blend their personal and professional lives to create their books. The married couple are Chinese language professors at Calvin College; they met when Qin Xue came to Calvin as a student in 1986....

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Share the credit: Collaborators and Translators get some Rapidian love too

by (George)

Submitted 04-06-2011 under OPINION

Like our mothership, Grand Rapids Community Media Center, The Rapidian has always been about building community through media. With this project, that manifests is in a variety of ways, but today I’d like to focus on story collaborations and...

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Four or five new features we may just develop next

by (George)

Submitted 08-10-2010 under OPINION

Features, features, features. It’s nearly all we can think about in The Rapidian’s IT HQ. While we may have unveiled our newest, most solid suite of updates a mere two weeks ago, we are quick to look at what’s coming next. After some deep...

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