Ryan VanderMeer

Sometimes, it’s Block by Block: A Thriving Community on Warren SE

by (tylerwnickerson)

Submitted 10-05-2011 under LOCAL LIFE

Thriving blocks make an attractive neighborhood. Thus far, House by House has primarily covered, well... individual homes. We’re expanding that dialogue in this post by recognizing that while a house can change a block, a block can also change a...

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Urban Pharm helping to reverse tide of urban decay

by (Michael Tuffelmire)

Submitted 05-03-2010 under LOCAL LIFE

There are Grand Rapidians who want rental property kept to a minimum on their street because landlords could let their rental properties slip into an unacceptable condition. In fact, absentee landlords had a part in the decline of many...

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Relationships: To call each thing by its right name

by (dennetmint)

Submitted 02-05-2010 under LOCAL LIFE

Matt Russell and I were musing in the office yesterday about the possibilities with February's first story theme: Relationships. We were talking about inanimate objects and why people name them. Of the core staff, George Wietor has named his...

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