Get your Grandwich on 2012: Part 2

by (ChrisFreemanRealtor)

Submitted 07-24-2012 under OPINION

The 2012 Grandwich competition kicked off yesterday, and I reviewed five of the 27 sandwiches being offered around town. In this second video installment, I review seven more Grandwiches in the competition: Bobarinos, Hopcat, Ritz Koney,...

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Get your Grandwich on 2012: Part 1

by (ChrisFreemanRealtor)

Submitted 07-23-2012 under OPINION

The 2012 Grandwich competition begins today with 27 local restaurants competing. In this first video, I visit Founders, Grand Central Market, Birch Lodge, Big O Cafe and Speak EZ and report on their Grandwich offerings. Like last year, the public is...

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Food you don't know about: discover the hidden gems

by (ChrisFreemanRealtor)

Submitted 07-16-2012 under OPINION

Every day you drive through the city and think that you know everything that you need to know about it. I feature six eateries that you should know about, but probably don't. I take a look at Rico's Deli, Speak EZ, Jalisco Tacos, Stoner...

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Eat the Real Food

by (GRCC Compositio...)

Submitted 05-07-2012 under OPINION

Eggs fried to succulence, fluffy Belgian waffles topped with strawberries and cream, and crispy apple-wood smoked bacon are some of the few tasty bits that the Real Food Café makes better than most. A mouth-watering breakfast can be hard to come by...

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Fresh food to be served at final Farm to Table dinner

by (Laura Chittenden)

Submitted 09-30-2011 under LOCAL LIFE

What if you could have a full meal made from the freshest local food possible? Imagine if you knew that everything on your plate was fresh picked, freshly slaughtered and cooked in front of you. Now open your eyes. The dinner is real. On Oct. 9,...

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Bartertown Almost Ready for Business

by (jon_dunn)

Submitted 03-01-2011 under LOCAL LIFE

Have you seen Michael Moore's film, Capitalism: A Love Story? If you have, then you may already know the idea of a worker cooperative. Simply put, it's each employee owning a stake in the business.    Numbers from the US Federation of...

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Let's do lunch: A Twitter chat about food

by (mattsimoto)

Submitted 11-04-2010 under OPINION

This is a lunch chat you can brown bag, dine out, order in or even stay in bed for. From the Twitter account @verylocal, Rapidian Content Facilitator Matthew Russell will be asking questions and offering prompts about food from noon to 2 p.m....

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The Electric Cheetah Supporting Local Farms

by (Jewly Warren)

Submitted 02-08-2010 under LOCAL LIFE

  Local eating is catching on in a big way. To me, it just makes sense environmentally as well as economically. The average tomato travels 1,500 to 1,800 miles before it reaches your plate. In this weeklong delay from harvest to dinner plate,...

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Restaurant Opening: Angel's Thai Café

by (George)

Submitted 12-04-2009 under NEWS

It was standing room only as more than 50 people enjoyed a complimentary all-you-can-eat eat buffet at the Grand Opening of Angel’s Thai Café, located at 136 Monroe Center NW. Angel's chef Ger Lee had previously indicated that the eatery was due to...

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Coming Soon to Downtown: Angel's Thai Café

by (George)

Submitted 10-29-2009 under NEWS

Angel’s Thai Café, a new Thai restaurant, is in development at 136 Monroe Center NW. According to Ger Lee, the café’s chef, the restaurant will feature Thai-fusion cuisine, much of which will be influenced heavily by the food of Korea. Lee believes...

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