Regular Coffee

Rowster delivering coffee to doorsteps

by (Brittany Beezhold)

Submitted 11-14-2012 under LOCAL LIFE

Stacks of burlap bags full of green coffee beans, fragrance wafting heavily through the air from the roaster, tins lined up like little soldiers. From the corner of Wealthy Street and James Avenue, Rowster New American Coffee launches the coffee...

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Rowster pioneers coffee subscription service

by (Brittany Beezhold)

Submitted 10-24-2012 under LOCAL LIFE

A warm cup of coffee between your hands, the smell of roasting coffee beans and the sound of the espresso machine steaming milk form the atmosphere of Rowster New American Coffee, located at 632 Wealthy Street. Rowster is committed to the...

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ROWSTER owner steps in "Regular" direction

by (lizstudt)

Submitted 06-25-2012 under INNOVATION-SPOTLIGHT

To say that Kurt Stauffer, owner of ROWSTER New American Coffee, has a passion for coffee is an understatement. The self-proclaimed “coffee nerd,” shop owner and founder of upcoming Regular Coffee has a connection to roasting coffee that...

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