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St. Cecilia sends buskers to ArtPrize

by (averym92)

Submitted 09-30-2015 under NEWS

St. Cecilia Music Center is making its presence known at ArtPrize this year. During ArtPrize, the organization will be acting as a music hub, but the music is not just staying within the walls. From September 23 to October 4, the center is sending...

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In the actual circle with My Brightest Diamond

by (diaghilev)

Submitted 11-14-2014 under OPINION

"Erin, would you come up here?" I was two hours into soundcheck with My Brightest Diamond, and Shara Worden (lead singer and songwriter) wanted me up onstage with her. She hadn't "found the magic." "I want you to stand...

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Impart: Artist Melanie Manos believes art instills necessary sense of wonder

by (empichot)

Submitted 09-09-2013 under NEWS

Impart seeks to preface ArtPrize by asking artists essential questions about art.  Melanie Manos is a performance and visual artist from Ann Arbor, Michigan. She does work in collage, video, performance and photography. Her work uses the...

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Call For Musicians: Trip The Light 2013

by (DITA)

Submitted 12-19-2012 under NONPROFITS

  Dance in the Annex (DITA) & ArtPeers invite local composers, musicians and singer-songwriters to submit original pieces of music for TRIP THE LIGHT 2013 (May 11, 2013). Submission deadline for musicians: January 18, 2013. TRIP THE LIGHT...

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"Salmagundi: calm seas" Friday at Wealthy Theatre - live modern dance, music and film

by (DITA)

Submitted 11-08-2012 under NONPROFITS

Artists from Ann Arbor to Nebraska are collaborating with their counterparts in Grand Rapids, live on stage at Wealthy Theatre on Friday, for"Salmagundi: calm seas" - the fourth annual fall concert by Dance in the Annex (DITA). This event...

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Making Sense of Cangue League's "Flowers"

by (DWalsh)

Submitted 03-11-2011 under OPINION

I ventured out last Saturday to see the third and final night of Cangue League’s play "Flowers" at Dog Story Theater (7 Jefferson Avenue SE). The play had been billed as avant-garde and I was looking forward to seeing...

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Toi, Toi, Toi! Love at the Opera for You!

by (Suzanna LaCroix)

Submitted 02-11-2011 under LOCAL LIFE

The classic head-over-heels love story transcends centuries. A man falls in love with a beautiful woman. The woman is passionate about the man. Yet the seduction of material luxuries and trickery by another man who can provide those...

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ArtPrize: Whose vote counts most?

by (evanarragon)

Submitted 09-20-2010 under OPINION

Last September 27, I headed downtown with one question in my mind: “What will 100,000 paper airplanes look like?” The event was Rob Bliss’s ArtPrize entry: paper planes dropped from the six tallest buildings downtown to the strains of Sigur Ros’s...

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Toilet Tricycle Race seats winner in Grand Rapids (video)

by (jproctor)

Submitted 09-26-2009 under LOCAL LIFE

On Friday, September 25th, as dusk was setting in, toilet tricycle athletes descended upon Grand Rapids for one of the most exciting sporting events to hit the area. Organized by the Dufala brothers, William and Steven, of Philadelphia, PA, this...

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