North End Community Ministries

At NECM, healthy food is a universal language

by (Feeding America...)

Submitted 01-06-2017 under NONPROFITS

Comida, pagkain, or chakula: No matter how you say it, food is something we all need, and North End Community Ministry (NECM) is working hard to make sure language is not a barrier to putting a healthy meal on the table. Amy...

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Local woman running ultra-distance for charity

by (Ana Olvera)

Submitted 06-20-2013 under NEWS

For her second ultra-distance race Desert R.A.T.S, Pamela Mooty is raising money for Urban Transformation Ministries (UTM) which serves Grand Rapids at-risk youth. Mooty, who learned of UTM through members of her church that have participated in its...

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