"Outsider" art to make Big Bang at Mangiamo this Saturday

by (cultured.GR)

Submitted 09-16-2016 under NONPROFITS

Reb Roberts, his partner Carmella Loftis, and the artists they incubate at Sanctuary Folk Art Gallery on 140 South Division march to the beat of a different drum. That’s exactly what visitors can expect from the 30+ artists who will...

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Art festival to return to Mangiamo lawn for third year

by (erictank)

Submitted 08-05-2014 under NEWS

On the weekend of August 9 and 10 the lawn of Mangiamo! in East Hills will play host to The Big Bang Art Festival. The third year running, the festival features art vendors and live music.  "This event is growing every year in the variety...

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Mangiamo to hold area snowman building contest

by (Kschmitty)

Submitted 02-04-2013 under NEWS

The first annual snowman building contest will be hosted by Gilmore Collection’s Italian restaurant on Lake February 9. In return for participation, Mangiamo offers contestants free hotdogs and a complimentary cup of hot spiced cider or hot...

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Big Bang Art Festival bringing "outsider" art to Mangiamo! this weekend

by (jtstoner)

Submitted 08-22-2012 under OPINION

Heartside folk artist Reb Roberts, of Sanctuary Folk Art Gallery, doesn’t believe in doing anything ordinary. According to his website he is suspicious of everything that is normal. So don’t expect the East Hills Big Bang Art Festival he...

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Mangiamo's Beer-A-Palooza lights a summer night

by (cjlautenbach)

Submitted 08-27-2011 under LOCAL LIFE

Beer-a-Palooza brewed up a mix of cool amber liquids, bright notes of art and music, and spicy varieties of handheld foods on the evening of August 25. The $25.00 entry fee bought guests at Mangiamo's event eight generous pours of locally...

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