Literature in Translation Panel at GLCL

by (Write616)

Submitted 07-15-2015 under

Literature is a way of communicating, just like speech. How does translation impact what is trying to be communicated? Join us here at GLCL on Wednesday, August 5, at 6:30 p.m., as our panel discusses the issues, challenges, and joys of creating...

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New literary nonprofit works to support writers in Grand Rapids

by (Write616)

Submitted 03-21-2013 under NONPROFITS

In the last year, the city of Grand Rapids has lost two of its urban independent bookstores. Literary Life Bookstore & More (LitLife) closed its brick-and-mortar storefront on Wealthy Street in June of 2012, while the downtown branch of Schuler...

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Month of the Author: Schuler Books collaborates with Write Michigan contest

by (PFeutz)

Submitted 11-13-2012 under LOCAL LIFE

The end. When does an author actually feel like writing those words? When the final period is punched onto the final draft? Or when the book is brought to print and in the hands of hungry readers? This month writers in any stage of their story will...

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Bill Hill, literary adventurer and downtown fixture, retires from the public library

by (jmare)

Submitted 06-20-2011 under LOCAL LIFE

Regular patrons of the downtown public library probably recognize William "Bill" Hill by sight if not by name. Sharp-featured, sandy-haired (though sporting a bit more grey these days), he’s like a character actor you’ve seen a...

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GR Comics Society to hold release party for its long awaited first collection

by (dennetmint)

Submitted 05-24-2011 under NEWS

When the Grand Rapids Comic Society formed two years ago, they dreamed of assembling an anthology to be able to say, "Look, Grand Rapids! We are establishing a comics scene, and we are the artists." This Thursday at 6 p.m. at The Sparrows...

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Don't be a stranger

by (grdominicans)

Submitted 09-29-2010 under NONPROFITS

Mary Navarre --  Dominican Sisters ~ Grand Rapids In the movie "Eat, Pray, Love", Elizabeth Gilbert describes her first attempt at prayer something like this: “Hello God, how are you? I’m Liz. It’s nice to meet you. I’...

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This Friday is Books and Storytelling Night at GRAM on the Green

by (Grand Rapids Ar...)

Submitted 07-21-2010 under NONPROFITS

The theme this Friday evening at GRAM on the Green/DowntownGR Bazaar is “Books and Storytelling,” featuring fun giveaways by local libraries and an excerpt reading by four West Michigan authors. Enjoy written works of art read aloud by Tanya Eby,...

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