Houseman Field

GRFC soccer team explodes onto the scene in Midtown's Houseman Field

by (srfox)

Submitted 03-10-2016 under LOCAL LIFE

Matthew Roberts sits behind a desk in a sparsely decorated office behind Centerpointe Mall. Most of the d├ęcor includes stacks of nicely folded blue “Founding Members” scarves, “One City, One Club” wrist bands and...

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Grand Rapids Football Club brings semi-pro soccer to Houseman Field

by (Ken Tamke)

Submitted 05-26-2015 under LOCAL LIFE

Grand Rapids Football Club (GRFC) kicks off play at Houseman Field in Midtown in the Great Lakes Premier League this Saturday, May 30 at 7:30 p.m. Houseman Field has seen its fair share of football since its construction in 1923, but the football...

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Growing up at historical Houseman Field

by (caithoop)

Submitted 12-22-2014 under VOICES

Grand Rapids as a city has seen great transformation in the last 10 years. As a 20-something adult, I live among the throngs of people who chose to transplant to this mid-sized city. But I’ve been here the whole time, and I have not forgotten...

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