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Creative Youth Center hosts Characters that Lived

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Submitted 10-14-2016 under NONPROFITS

The Grand Rapids Creative Youth Center (CYC) will host an all-ages improv comedy show on Wednesday, October 26, 2016, at 7 p.m. in the Wealthy Theatre (doors open at 6:15 p.m.). The CYC's young authors have created zany characters who...

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Grand Rapids Creative Youth Center presents The Sketches that Lived

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On Wednesday, October 21, the Creative Youth Center (CYC), where kids become published authors, will host "The Sketches that Lived," a performance written and inspired by CYC kids and performed by professional adult actors. The show...

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Teen community center offers leadership opportunities

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Submitted 06-25-2015 under NONPROFITS

Open Doors Center for Self-Directed Teens, a nonprofit organization in Eastown, is in the middle of expanding their services to reach more community youth, especially those who are underprivileged.  For the last two years, the organization...

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Teens wrestle with power

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Passion is not enough; you must have access to power. This week in their ACTIVATE trainings, teens from Tall Turf Ministries and Madison Square Church have been focusing on understanding power and how power is needed in order to achieve social...

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