Grand Rapids Activism

OGR 2012: Alex Beecroft weaves together Catholicism, activism

by (mollymclauhs)

Submitted 03-22-2012 under OPINION

I must admit, I know little about activism and less about Catholicism. I had a laid-back Protestant upbringing, but did attend mass a few times for cousin’s Confirmations and weddings. Most recently, I visited the Catholic Church in my sleep;...

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OGR 2012 : Diane Baum, forging a new way of communication

by (r.r.collins11)

Submitted 03-19-2012 under LOCAL LIFE

The diversity within the Occupy movement is often highlighted as one of its greatest strengths by those involved, even by those outside of the movement who are familiar with its anatomy and intentions. From October 2011 and on into 2012, more than...

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