Girls Choral Academy Expands Grandville Avenue Girls Choir into Burton Middle School

by (angela@girlscho...)

Submitted 09-09-2019 under NONPROFITS

The Girls Choral Academy’s Grandville Avenue Girls Choir is celebrating its 20th season this year by expanding into Burton Middle School. The Grandville Avenue Girls Choir was started in 1999 as a free, after-school program for girls in...

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Junior Achievement Girls' Dream Fair looks to inspire hundreds of middle schoolers

by (juniorachievementmgl)

Submitted 01-30-2018 under NONPROFITS

We have a growing nationwide STEM gender gap. Consider the following There has been a steep decline in the number of female graduates with computer science degrees over the past three decades. National surveys find that nearly two-thirds of...

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LadyFest GR 2017 is about dialogue and action

by (balexander)

Submitted 05-19-2017 under LOCAL LIFE

For the longest time, social justice work felt like a calling. I felt compelled to tell my story to further debunk the myth that domestic violence looked the same and that the bruises that once covered my body were because of my own actions and not...

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GR Ladies Rock Mulligan's for Halloween benefit concert

by (Ben Wesley)

Submitted 10-24-2016 under LOCAL LIFE

The thirty-one days of Halloween are in full swing here in Grand Rapids, MI, where locals cheerfully greet sweater weather and warm up with beer city’s eclectic tastes. Thursday night series with Atmospheric Promotions continues into October,...

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Girls Inc. program seeks to educate, motivate Grand Rapids youth

by (kendravanderlip)

Submitted 08-13-2014 under LOCAL LIFE

The YWCA West Central Michigan is partnering with the national Girls Inc. preventative program program aimed at girls ages 6-18. The Girls Inc. mission is to inspire all girls to be “strong, smart and bold” and to prevent future...

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Run the GazelleGirl & Run to Make a Difference

by (LisaRoseGR)

Submitted 12-13-2013 under LOCAL LIFE

The benefits of signing up and running a foot race are tangible — you’ll have a personal goal to train for and in doing so you will gain in physical fitness, your mental attitude will improve and you’ll have a blast on race day....

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Ski racing grrl Emma Starner to compete in NASTAR Nationals

by (Roberta F. King)

Submitted 03-19-2013 under LOCAL LIFE

When she leaves the gate to bomb down a ski hill, Emma Starner growls. This tiny blonde haired, blue eyed 7-year-old girl ski racer has a fierce attitude and a developing ski racing talent. She’s taking her skills to Colorado this week to see...

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Document to Teach

by (GET Girls Empow...)

Submitted 03-03-2010 under NONPROFITS

     Lights, camera, stairs? February 24th the girls began their documentary to earn their Gold Award, the highest honor of a Girl Scout. The title, Taking Charge: Changing to Succeed, was a brainstorming idea from both Union and...

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Girls relay

by (GET Girls Empow...)

Submitted 01-21-2010 under NONPROFITS

     Run, relay and race. This week the girls had to think up new ideas, quick. The girls were split into 2 teams and given a series of miscellaneous items. Rope, rings, markers, poster board, and a few other quirky things. Both...

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Girls can create

by (GET Girls Empow...)

Submitted 01-16-2010 under NONPROFITS

     Smart and blue. Creative and glitter. Loud and markers. Or just "Don Diva." This week the GET girls presented their posters. The posters represented a fellow member that they had interviewed. With questions like, "What...

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