"So far, so good": Welcoming The Cheshire Grill to the neighborhood

by (crestongr)

Submitted 03-06-2012 under OPINION

By: Abby K. Opened on January 23, 2012, The Cheshire Grill is the newest addition to the local restaurant scene. Nestled beside the Sweetland candy shop, The Cheshire Grill combines the charm of a 1950s diner with a modern twist. The result is a...

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Got dirt?

by (LisaRoseGR)

Submitted 02-27-2012 under LOCAL LIFE

When was the last time you took a moment to think about dirt?  As one of Earth’s most under-appreciated resources, dirt does a lot: it cleans our water, helps feed us, and regulates the climate.  The West Michigan Environmental...

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Catalyst Radio: Beer, politics, music and food all a part of the community conversation

by (Catalyst Radio)

Submitted 02-17-2012 under NEWS

Don't have time to listen now?  Download the mp3 and listen at your leisure.   INTERVIEW The Rapidian, hosted by CMC, is where you find the news and stories of Grand Rapids, by Grand Rapids. And as such, it serves as a repository of...

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Finding the beat: Topic-centered sections come to The Rapidian

by (Holly)

Submitted 02-14-2012 under OPINION

We now have designated pages for our music beat, politics beat, and food beat. These topics-focused sections have developed from our new communities of reporters that are covering what are called "beats." Not long ago, we told you about...

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Marie Catrib's serves up Lebanese and Yooper influences

by (Laura Chittenden)

Submitted 01-10-2012 under OPINION

Local homemade cuisineThe above phrase excited me when my friends told me we were dining at Marie Catrib’s, known for its quality food. This popular multi-service restaurant is a hearty member of Local First, an organization dedicated to...

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Looking ahead: beats on The Rapidian

by (Chelsea)

Submitted 12-30-2011 under OPINION

We're always looking for creative ways to give our readers more information about the city of Grand Rapids. We are also know we have quite a lot of reporters that have strong, passionate interests in one specific topic. Some of us would be...

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Reserve: the best restaurant you've been neglecting

by (heatherhughesian)

Submitted 12-02-2011 under OPINION

I am still mourning the loss of Grand Rapids’ restaurants Bloom and Corez. For just over a year I’ve been stuck somewhere between the anger and bargaining stages, waiting, praying, drooling (more than usual) for a meal and ambiance of...

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Eating local: when better isn't enough

by (heatherhughesian)

Submitted 11-21-2011 under OPINION

Think about the last meal, snack, or handful of whatever that you ate. Did it contain meat? Was it organic? Local? Do you know how your meal, snack, or handful of whatever spent its living days? There has been an increase in the popularity of...

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Uptown Kitchen: Cooking up a small business

by (Chelsea)

Submitted 11-11-2011 under INNOVATION-SPOTLIGHT

Kelly LeCoy recently graduated from Calvin College with a business and marketing degree. For her final thesis project before graduating last May, LeCoy drafted a business plan for a community commercial kitchen space to help local businesses grow...

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Fair Farm Bill Rally

by (mm2hunter)

Submitted 11-07-2011 under OPINION

This past Thursday was windy and overcast, with temperatures in the low 40s. That didn't stop the 20+ advocates who came out to support the Fair Farm Bill Rally held at Calder Plaza. Multiple signs read “Help Michigan Grow,” “...

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