New phone app to give citizens warning, information during flooding

by (jwiegand08)

Submitted 03-27-2014 under NEWS

With warming temperatures and the possibility of flooding increasing, many residents are being reminded of the 2013 spring flood. While floods can often strike quickly, especially during spring months, the American Red Cross is helping to speed up...

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Commissioner White answers citizen questions on City Connection

by (GRTV)

Submitted 05-05-2013 under NONPROFITS

Got a question for our city officials? Ask it every month on City Connection!  Monday evening at 5:00, City Commissioner James B. White answered questions from local citizens on the monthly call-in show on GRTV, archived right here on The...

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Grand River floods to record heights, held back by flood walls downtown

by (magical)

Submitted 04-30-2013 under NEWS

The month of April proved to be one of the rainiest seasons on record for the city of Grand Rapids, Michigan. A total of almost 11 inches of rain fell, making it the third wettest month in recorded history. The Grand River was one of the most...

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