fix our roads

Why I'm voting yes today on Proposal 1

by (xopher)

Submitted 05-05-2015 under OPINION

After much deliberation, I've decided to vote yes on Proposal 1 tomorrow. Doing what we can to address the road crisis as soon as possible is more fiscally responsible than leaving it, even though the plan is poorly thought out and insufficient...

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Relief is underway for Grand Rapids roads, but there are some mixed feelings

by (Scott Trumbo)

Submitted 07-11-2014 under NEWS

Road work has been underway since the May 6th approved ballot initiative. The planned road work is planned to extend well into next year with future dates to be announced in time. Grand Rapids has set the following timeline for construction, which...

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Vote yes for Grand Rapids streets today

by (xopher)

Submitted 05-06-2014 under OPINION

Grand Rapids has 586 miles of streets. Our street system is our largest and most visible asset, and a critical component of our local economy. It is nearly impossible to imagine how we would function without our streets, yet that is the choice we...

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