Grand Rapids Improv Festival

by (eirannbetka)

Submitted 09-02-2015 under

The dates for the second annual Grand Rapids Improv Festival (formally known as the West Michigan Improv Festival) have been announced! October 12-19 at Dog Story Theater Join acts from all around West Michigan, Chicago, Detroit, St. Louis, and more...

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Storytellers spin tales for elementary classrooms, public events

by (dansteenwyk)

Submitted 04-15-2014 under LOCAL LIFE

Every month, a group of enthusiastic individuals gathers in Grand Rapids to spin yarns and tell tall tales. Story Spinners of Grand Rapids share personal stories, fables, historical narratives, personal mementos and everything in between. They have...

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Mexican Heritage Festival

by (ashima)

Submitted 09-24-2009 under LOCAL LIFE

What a beautiful event and the tent with all the vendors selling clothing, toys and such reminded me of India. It was great! The food smelled wonderful, although we couldn't eat any of it because it was all meat filled. Check out the great pictures...

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