festival of faith and writing

Award-winning writers Krista Tippett, host of ON BEING podcast, and novelist Min Jin Lee in Grand Rapids this Spring for the 30th Anniversary Festival of Faith & Writing

by (ccfwgr)

Submitted 02-25-2020 under NONPROFITS

See On Being host, Krista Tippett, live with novelist Min Jin Lee for a taping during the Fesival of Faith & Writing on April 16, 2020 at 5:45pm. Krista Tippett has inspired thousands with her courageously bold topics and wonderfully...

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North Philly activist challenges Grand Rapids to be extreme

by (Karie Schulenburg)

Submitted 04-26-2012 under OPINION

“You didn’t invent Christianity in North America, you just domesticated it,” Shane Claiborne quoted an Iraqi pastor during his lecture at Calvin College’s Festival of Faith and Writing last weekend. Claiborne was a speaker...

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Poet/writer Ann Voskamp plants a purposeful life

by (jenna-marie)

Submitted 04-25-2012 under LOCAL LIFE

Wife of a farmer, mother of six children and teacher of homeschoolers: this litany of responsibilities seems uncontainable to the limitations of a 24-hour day. Add to this the role of a writer, one whose book held steady on the New York Times...

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Poet Li-Young Lee speaks at Calvin College

by (LorenaSlager)

Submitted 04-25-2012 under LOCAL LIFE

For a man whose voice holds such a confident calmness, it’s surprising when Li-Young Lee reveals his own dissatisfaction with his poems. “I come to the page everyday to write, and my attitude is, is there a word from the Lord? If God doesn...

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In praise of story

by (acknot)

Submitted 04-20-2012 under NEWS

Calvin College professor of English and celebrated local author Gary Schmidt kicked off the school’s biannual Festival of Faith and Writing with a passionate invocation for story on Thursday. The Festival of Faith and Writing, held once every...

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Worship of words celebrated at Festival of Faith and Writing.

by (eschroeder)

Submitted 04-20-2012 under LOCAL LIFE

Festival of Faith and writing, a biennial event located at Calvin College which has been running since 1990, has its closing day tomorrow, Saturday April 20th. Every year thousands of people from all over the world make the pilgrimage to the...

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Festival of Faith and Writing aims to offer encouragement to hopeful writers

by (Chelsea)

Submitted 03-29-2012 under NEWS

Calvin College's Festival of Faith and Writing is gearing up for another year of authors, editors, publishers, artists and readers coming together for three days of discussion. This year's festival will take place April 19-21, bringing to...

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