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Passing the Mic: Kaufman Interfaith Institute's Allison Egrin answers, "What tenet of your faith tradition most stands out to you right now?"

by (The Rapidian)

Submitted 02-24-2021 under VOICES

Brett Townsend, Community Services Specialist at Community Media Center, asks leaders or practitioners in Grand Rapids faith communities: "What tenet of your religious or spiritual tradition most stands out to you right now?" Allison...

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Local family shares experience with Get the Lead Out program

by (Healthy Homes C...)

Submitted 05-16-2018 under NONPROFITS

Javonte Tubbs works as the Project Coordinator of Youth Development for the Grand Rapids Urban League, a nonprofit that provides a variety of services and outreach to empower African-Americans and other minorities. He bought his Pleasant Park area...

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Why parent voices matter more

by (Healthy Homes C...)

Submitted 03-19-2018 under PLACE-MATTERS

Two stories featuring parents who are fighting to end childhood lead poisoning were told in local news this past week. Tabitha Williams, a leader in the grassroots parent group, Parents for Healthy Homes, won an award from WMEAC’s Women...

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Environmental concerns reflective of racial inequity

by (prfcgr)

Submitted 01-25-2016 under NONPROFITS

Water is a natural resource that, in the developed world, we often take for granted. On a daily basis, most people in the United States do not question whether or not their drinking water is safe. In Grand Rapids, most people don’t think about...

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GVSU’s Change U to focus on collective climate justice

by (Yeldellc)

Submitted 04-06-2015 under NEWS

According to the West Michigan Environmental Action Council’s (WMEAC) Climate Resiliency Report, underserved, low-income and minority population areas will be disproportionately affected by climate change in Grand Rapids. Change...

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4th annual Women and Environment Symposium explores environmental justice issues, solutions

by (Yeldellc)

Submitted 03-23-2015 under NEWS

The Women and Environment Symposium hosted by  the West Michigan Environmental Action Council (WMEAC) and Grand Valley State University aspires to educate, to inspire and to motivate participants to act. This year’s theme centered...

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Women's Symposium to tackle gender roles, environmental issues

by (Yeldellc)

Submitted 02-03-2015 under NEWS

The 4th annual Women and the Environment Symposium presented by the West Michigan Environmental Action Council (WMEAC) will be tackling problems like environmental justice and gender issues, and aims to leave participants with...

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Sierra Club celebrates monumental journey with three anniversaries

by (kellyalita)

Submitted 02-15-2012 under OPINION

This year, the the local chapter of the Sierra Club will celebrate three monumental anniversaries: the national club’s 120th anniversary, the Michigan chapter’s 45th anniversary, and the 25th anniversary of the Michigan Wilderness Act....

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Moral Ground: Sustainability and Social Justice

by (mhall)

Submitted 10-25-2010 under LOCAL LIFE

“Sustainability begins as a criticism of development."~ Melissa Baker-Boosamra, GVSU Faculty  Melissa Baker-Boosamra has dedicated her career to the study of social and environmental injustice. She is an affiliate faculty member in the...

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