West Side barbecue works to provide comfortable atmosphere, comfort food

by (dansteenwyk)

Submitted 02-03-2014 under LOCAL LIFE

At Louie’s Bar and Rocket Lounge Barbecue, pigs can fly. At least, one pig can. The restaurant’s mascot, a grinning cartoon porker that adorns the restaurant’s window at 608 Bridge St., is airborne thanks to an “ACME hog...

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[Eat & Drink Artprize 2010] The B.O.B.

by (terawozqualls)

Submitted 09-20-2010 under LOCAL LIFE

As one of the largest venues for ArtPrize pieces The B.O.B. (the Big Old Building) is a great place to enjoy lunch or dinner daily. The variety of food and drinks at The B.O.B. proves to be something for everyone.   Restaurants and other...

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