The history of Polish immigrants, churches and aid societies on the Westside

by (rachelcc)

Submitted 09-02-2016 under LOCAL LIFE

Most Grand Rapidians pass by the churches and aid society buildings on the city’s west side without realizing the impact those organizations once had on the waves of immigrants that came to our city around the turn of the last century, but the...

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Sidewalk Sunday School focuses on urban neighborhoods

by (Timothy Burns)

Submitted 09-10-2012 under OPINION

Throughout the warm spring, summer and fall months, bright orange Power House Ministry trucks with portable sound systems and fold down stages park throughout Grand Rapids' urban neighborhoods. Pastor Jon Lewis, and nearly 30 volunteer staff...

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Discover legendary St. Mark Episcopal Church's 175-year-old history

by (Grand Rapids Hi...)

Submitted 01-11-2012 under NONPROFITS

Join us Thursday evening, January 12 as we explore the legendary history of St. Mark Episcopal Church, a proud downtown landmark that can trace its beginnings to 1836.  Called the church of mayors, St. Mark's members have been longtime...

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The great cathedrals of Grand Rapids

by (Michael Tuffelmire)

Submitted 01-11-2010 under LOCAL LIFE

Grand Rapids is sometimes called the “City of Churches”. As you walk through the streets of Downtown Grand Rapids you can’t help notice the many beautiful cathedrals sprinkled around this great city. I have limited knowledge about these...

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