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You Can't Get sober Without God: Missions Intersect for Rev. Tim Wilson

by (Guiding Light)

Submitted 09-21-2021 under NONPROFITS

When Tim Wilson enrolled in Hope College, he began as a double major in political science and history with his eyes set on law school. But a bleeding ulcer in his junior year nearly ended his life – and prompted a reevaluation of college and...

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Ethical responsibility to panhandlers

by (bjr25)

Submitted 11-08-2013 under NEWS

  Bracing against the frigid wind, a grungy-looking man stands with a sign stating, “Anything helps. God Bless.” He has a lean, hungry look about him and is shivering in the cold. But should you give him money? “The Bible...

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Young Life Winter Weekend engages high school students

by (kmb53)

Submitted 12-04-2012 under NEWS

On Friday, Nov. 30, 51 Calvin Christian High School students loaded onto buses and drove north to Timberwolf Lake in Lake City for Young Life’s Winter Weekend Camp. Young Life is a non-profit organization that was started in the 1940s in order...

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Fishing and entrepreneurship: Miles Smith and the BAHRS

by (Cecile)

Submitted 08-09-2012 under OPINION

(Video by Santiago Murillo) As a fisherman, Miles Smith thought about a technology that would make fishing (or angling) easier. The Break Away Hook Release System gets only one part of the hardware, the treble hook, to break. The B.A....

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