Chez Olga

Food Roulette: Experience the diversity of food in our area

by (ChrisFreemanRealtor)

Submitted 05-17-2013 under OPINION

Everybody likes food, or at least in theory they do. At a bare minimum, we all need food to sustain ourselves. It was about a year ago when I realized that my career as a realtor was taking me all over greater Grand Rapids, and that the result of...

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Celebrating African American History month at GRPL's "Taste of Soul Sunday."

by (Andy Angelo Pre...)

Submitted 02-23-2012 under NONPROFITS

After attending "Taste of Soul Sunday" at the Grand Rapids Public Library, it became clear that the GAAH Press Club's favorite part of the event was tasting the new and interesting food samples that were offered there. As a result, the...

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