Creating content on The Rapidian: Adding a calendar event

by (Holly)

Submitted 01-04-2012 under OPINION

Last week, we showed you how to (as a reporter) add your article on The Rapidian. This week, we show you (and by that we mean anyone with a user account for The Rapidian) how to add your event to our Calendar pages. If you've been looking...

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Four or five new features we may just develop next

by (George)

Submitted 08-10-2010 under OPINION

Features, features, features. It’s nearly all we can think about in The Rapidian’s IT HQ. While we may have unveiled our newest, most solid suite of updates a mere two weeks ago, we are quick to look at what’s coming next. After some deep...

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Making the most of weekly story pitches

by (mattsimoto)

Submitted 06-22-2010 under OPINION

From The Rapidian staff*: One of the ways we at The Rapidian try to help our citizen reporters is by providing them with story ideas. The storybank is a great resource for those searching for something to write about, but there is also a...

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