Alternative to alcohol: Michigan's first Kava Bar in Grand Rapids

by (Abby Schnell)

Submitted 02-27-2018 under LOCAL LIFE

On Cherry Street, Grand Rapids, the local bar known as Kava Kasa is listed on Google as a tea room. However, this is not a tea bar nor a place for alcohol. This bar only serves kava: the drink that doesn’t feel or taste like anything else....

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Stella's Lounge gets creative with cocktails at monthly Sovereign Cocktail Club

by (rmclaughlin)

Submitted 02-04-2016 under NEWS

Stella's Lounge's monthly event, called the "Sovereign Cocktail Club," is becoming a regular highlight in their backroom, creating an evening centered around trying experimental twists to classic cocktails developed...

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Brewery Vivant recognized for focus on locally-sourced French, Belgian-inspired food

by (rmclaughlin)

Submitted 01-29-2016 under NEWS

Brewery Vivant was recently “surprised” to find out through a Facebook post from Grand Rapids Magazine that the brewery had won the magazine's first ever “Best Brewery (Cuisine) Dining award.” The funeral chapel-turned-...

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West Side barbecue works to provide comfortable atmosphere, comfort food

by (dansteenwyk)

Submitted 02-03-2014 under LOCAL LIFE

At Louie’s Bar and Rocket Lounge Barbecue, pigs can fly. At least, one pig can. The restaurant’s mascot, a grinning cartoon porker that adorns the restaurant’s window at 608 Bridge St., is airborne thanks to an “ACME hog...

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Soccer fans rally, storytellers gather at SpeakEZ Lounge

by (erictank)

Submitted 12-03-2013 under INNOVATION-SPOTLIGHT

Eric "EZ" Albertson spent three summers cooking on Mackinac Island and winters as a line cook in Mount Pleasant to work his way through college. After graduating from Central Michigan University with a degree in economics, he moved back to...

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McKay's Downtown designs variety of menus for pub, fine dining, speakeasy

by (mariah_kat)

Submitted 07-23-2013 under NEWS

The new restaurant McKay’s Downtown has been working under a soft opening, but they don't plan to be limited to just one dining experience. Along with a sports bar filled with Michigan beers, spirits and pub grub menu, they'll also...

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Grand Rapids Brewing Co: great beer, mediocre food

by (Ryan Hagerman)

Submitted 01-28-2013 under OPINION

To begin, I am not a beer or food connoisseur. Having turned 21 six months ago, I have not had many opportunities to develop a professional taste or knowledge about beers. I do not even know all the types of beers there are. I know the difference...

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Brewery Vivant pulls a pint for hunger relief

by (Feeding America...)

Submitted 11-06-2012 under NONPROFITS

Grand Rapids is having something of a beer renaissance: a spate of new breweries in the past several years, a recent designation as Beer City USA and a much-talked-about exploration of the city’s 170-year brewing history at the public...

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Tip Top Deluxe Bar and Grill delivers hotspot for Americana music

by (ulrichb)

Submitted 07-13-2012 under LOCAL LIFE

June 24 marked the year anniversary of the day Ted Smith and Frank Lennon opened the doors of Tip Top Deluxe Bar and Grill for the first time. The building located at 760 Butterworth St on the southwest side of Grand Rapids provides customers with...

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Lounge act

by (mbova88)

Submitted 11-02-2011 under LOCAL LIFE

October 29, 2011 marked the last “hurrah” for Bridge Street icon Monte's Lounge. Though the bar may have shuttered its door as the last revelers staggered out into the brisk October evening, they will soon re-open, but under the...

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