ballot proposals

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by (Sean Kenny)

Submitted 10-19-2020 under LOCAL LIFE

For those who identify with one party or another, voting a "straight ticket" simplifies things quite a bit. However, even straight ticket voters may find themselves scratching their collective heads when it comes to non-partisan races like...

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What cities lose when plagued by low voter turnout

by (alexandersinn)

Submitted 02-02-2016 under OPINION

Voters in the Grand Rapids area decided vital issues close to home in the last local election election, which included ballot proposals for millions of dollars to improve the quality of public schools as well as new candidates for local office. That...

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Citizens to vote on park ballot initiative

by (NicoleGR)

Submitted 10-29-2013 under NEWS

On November 5, the initiative Yes! GR Parks will appear on the ballot in the City of Grand Rapids. The ballot initiative aims to raise money to fix and replace park equipment, fix facilities and keep city pools open five weeks longer. A new tax with...

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