ballot initiative

Promote the Vote: A ballot initiative to improve Michigan's voting system

by (amanda_a_sterling)

Submitted 05-24-2018 under OPINION

Did you know that Michiganders lack the same access to the ballot enjoyed by residents of nearly every other state in the country? Early and multi-day voting, automatic voter registration, and no excuse absentee voting are just some of the ways...

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Second attempt to raise money for Wyoming Public Schools to appear on November 5 ballot

by (NicoleGR)

Submitted 10-22-2013 under NEWS

In the November 5 elections, two proposals will appear on ballots for Wyoming voters. They both seek to raise money to improve the schools in the district. Proposal One would grant Wyoming Public Schools $37 million dollars and place a tax with a...

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Proposal aims to bring casino to downtown Grand Rapids

by (jon_dunn)

Submitted 04-06-2012 under NEWS

If a group of investors across the state have their way Grand Rapids residents soon won't even have to get in the car to bet it all on black. A proposal to add a casino to the downtown area is moving ahead.  A group calling themselves the...

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