20 Monroe Live

Attention all Potterheads, Yule Ball is back

by (keenece)

Submitted 12-04-2018 under LOCAL LIFE

Have you ever dreamed of competing in the Triwizard Tournament? Battling dragons, merpeople of the Black Sea, or venturing through the maze? While that’s all stuck at Hogwarts, the Yule Ball is once again coming to Grand Rapids. 20 Monroe Live...

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Review: Flaming Lips bring the weirdness to 20 Monroe Live

by (John Kissane)

Submitted 04-20-2017 under OPINION

No glow sticks, no animal costumes, not even a tie-dye shirt: the crowd waiting to get into 20 Monroe Live looked so resolutely normal that I briefly wondered if I was in the wrong place. A young woman with a streak of green in her hair walked...

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