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The Artists of Heartside Gallery and Studio-- Shela Brown

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This is a story of a talented and gifted poet that struggled with her identity...

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Our featured artist for October is Shela Brown. Here is a little about the artist, in her own words:

"This is a story of a talented and gifted poet that struggled with her identity in what she wrote and drew on paper. She escaped tears, abuse and pain, though her art simply blends in with her smile and identity. Writing and art gives her hope, pleasure and confidence that there is another tomorrow. She is inspired to write and accomplish her dreams in life. She is inspired by the grace of God and lifted up by her dream of becoming an inspired and gifted artist and poet. She has talent and charisma beyond her age. 

Shela is a gifted and loving person who was born in Grand Rapids with a dream of another tomorrow. She grew up in a poor neighborhood and struggled just like anyone else. There were trials and tribulations and thoughts of giving up while living in a low-income family home. Her mother struggled in providing for her family but they always overcame their struggles. At a young age she struggled with depression and difficult behaviors and had to go into an institution for quite a few years. She began to understand that she wasn’t alone and that she had to have closure and forgiveness. In order to move forward she had to believe in herself and have courage to move on with her life. Every night she goes to bed and prays that she will meet Oprah Winfrey, Will Smith and other celebrities. She always believes in herself."


I Have Always Known

I have always known

As I walk through the valley of the

Shadow of death,

I will fear no evil

For God is with me.

Although I know that God has comforted me

Although I push my hands together

And start to pray

For all my sins to go away

I sleep and slumber sometimes awake

And think about some of the things

That I escaped

Through my childhood.

Sometimes I wonder

Was it really me

Or was it just a fairytale that only

Believed in me?

The times at night when I’d lie my head

On my pillow

I cry a river on my pillow

Of tears

And when I wake up in the morning

I look into the mirror at me,


And I see a trace on my face

A trace on my face

A trace of tears

Going down my face

I have always known.



I Believe:

The day we walked and talked

And believed in ourselves

Gave us confidence

For another tomorrow.

We can’t buy love

With our looks

And we sho’ nuf

Can’t marry our dogs and cats,

That would be inhumane.

Sometimes I think people

Just don’t have no sense.



The Artists of Heartside Gallery and Studio is a monthly feature to highlight some of the wonderful people of the Heartside neighborhood. Visit , Facebook and our Flickr page to keep up with us, to learn about volunteering and other ways to get involved.

Sarah Scott is Arts Coordinator for Heartside Gallery and Studio at Heartside Ministry, and can be reached at [email protected]

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