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Arrr, Matey! The GAAH Press Club reviews "Treasure Island"

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The GAAH Press Club reviews "Treasure Island," performed in the Circle Theatre at Aquinas College.
The GAAH Press Club meets the actors of "Treasure Island"

The GAAH Press Club meets the actors of "Treasure Island" /GAAH Press Club

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Ana and Samaria meet "Jim Hawkins"

Ana and Samaria meet "Jim Hawkins" /GAAH Press Club

"Captain Bill" poses with a student

"Captain Bill" poses with a student /GAAH Press Club

For these reviews, the students were instructed to create a title for their review, do a brief summary of the play, and give their opinion. The Press Club also welcomes new reporter, Brian!


Antonio (Age 12)

Jim Hawkins and his mother lived in an inn. When suddenly a pirate who looked like he was wearing rags named Bill came in the inn with a  medium sized chest. Another sea pirate came in and wanted Bill’s fortune, AKA Flint’s map. Also, she gave him a stroke. Bill died in a couple hours.

RIP Bill the Pirate. After Bill’s death, some pirates came to find Flint’s map. Luckily, Jim had the map. Suddenly the doctor and the squire came. They and Jim decided to find Treasure Island.

This all happened in Aquinas College at the Circle Theatre. The play was mediocre, but there were some funny parts. I recommend seeing this play if you like epic battle scenes.


Edgar (Age 9)

There was a hobo with broken clothes trying to get a squirrel for squirerely soup. The crowd LOLed. When Captain Bill came into the bar, he got some kind of water [rum] at the tiny bar. Then a woman came when Captain Bill was there and they started fighting.

The pirates came to get the treasure, but Captain Bill was dead and the chest was open. Jim Haskins was hiding. There was a lot of pirate battles, and they changed scenes every ten minutes.

If you want to see it, you should because of the pirate battles. My favorite part was the pirate battles.


Donny (Age 11)

"Pirate Battles"

Captain Bill came into the bar. Bill demanded Jim Hawkins and his mother to help him stay. Other pirates came to take Bill’s fortune.

When the pirates came to the bar, they tried to force Jim to tell where Bill was (he was hiding). Then suddenly, Bill came out to rescue Jim. After that, Bill fainted but a doctor came in and said, “Don’t drink anymore!” But Captain Bill did not listen and kept drinking... then soon he met his death.

After that, other pirates came in. When Bill died, Jim found a pirate map to find Treasure Island. So Jim went on a quest with people to find Treasure Island. When the “found” land, they found a “hobo” that was very obsessed with cheese. Then in the ship, there was a battle between the good pirates and the bad pirates. Then the good pirates got gold, while the bad pirates died.

So, I recommend you see this play if you like pirate battles (sword fighting).


Shirley (Age 9)

The lights slowly dimmed when the main character Jim was breathlessly talking about the day of the adventure. It was a day Jim and his mom were working at their inn, when suddenly they saw a pirate, Bill.

Bill told them to call him “Captain.” Later on Captain asked for some rum, but the doctor said to not drink rum or else he will get a stroke and die. He didn’t listen and drank it. After that, he met heaven.

Then they saw his chest he brought and got the key to it and found a map for treasure.

You’ll have to see the play to find out if they find the treasure! My rate from 1 to 10 is 5 stars.


Omar (Age 12)

"The Clashing Story of Treasure Island"

Treasure Island goes back in time where pirates roamed the seas with its story and scenes. [The play was at] the perfect location, Aquinas College.

Even though it’s a play, Treasure Island brings the life and adventures of pirates like they were back then. With Jim Hawkins interacting with pirates such as John Silver and Captain Bill, it really brings the story together. Jim is put in many situations, and likes to have adventures. All the story fit well together.

Overall, Treasure Island is a pretty good play. Some scenes were not so good, such as when the pirates fight. It was slow action, and it probably could have been more realistic. Most scenes were great with its creative action.

The play is incredibly creative and characters are very interactive. Everybody who comes and sees this play will enjoy it, even when it’s far from over. A great play for the family.


Carlos (Age 13)

Captain Bill had stayed at the inn. He told Jim to hide his treasure because other people were looking for his gold. Old Kate the pirate was looking for Captain Bill.

They found a treasure map and they went to find the treasure. The good pirate and the bad pirates were fighting for Flint’s treasure map.

The actors and props made the story realistic. I recommend people to see this play. It was very interesting and funny because when Captain Bill and Old Kate the pirate were fighting for the treasure map.


Ana (Age 11)

"The Adventure of Treasure Island"

There was a boy named Jim. He had come out first like a narrator, and I thought he was cute. He had long, brown hair and dark brown eyes. He wore pirate clothes and he had a big, lovely smile. My favorite part was when Jim was in his store with the pirate and his treasure chest, and the lady came and got his ear and twisted his hand.

I recommend for all the people who read this to go see Treasure Island in the Circle Theatre.


Brian (Age 12)

"Treasure Island"

On June 28, 2012, the Press Club went to see Treasure Island at Aquinas College.  [The pirates] found the treasure map. I liked it because it was so fun. Other people will like the pirates’ makeup.


Juan (Age 10)

"The Adventure of Treasure Island"

One hot, hot day, we went to go see the play Treasure Island. It was at Aquinas College. The settings were the island, the inn, and the ship. The first part was boring and the second part was cool and active. It was cool and active when they were fighting and when they took out the gun.

I liked all the story, but like I told you, the first part was boring. I didn’t like it because I didn’t like Jim, the Mom, or the Captain. You should go see the play Treasure Island.


Samaria (Age 11)

"The Story of Treasure Island"

This play was played on June 28, 2012 at the Circle Theatre. The story was of Captain Bill bringing a treasure chest and a map [to the inn]. Before he died, a lady came and fought with him. Right after that, he died.

My opinion about it was that it was exciting because when they were shooting each other it looked real. I would recommend to go see it if you like pirates.

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