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Seven reasons to ride the bus more in 2017

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Why riding the bus more in 2017 can support your other resolutions
The Rapid on Grandville Ave.

The Rapid on Grandville Ave. /The Rapid

Reading on the bus

Reading on the bus /The Rapid

A new year offers a chance for new intentions and goals. If you’re seeking something meaningful to stick with this year, there’s one goal we think you should try on for size: riding the bus more.

OK — We may be a little biased, but hear us out. Getting on board the bus is the perfect all-encompassing goal for knocking out some other common new year’s resolutions. Whether you’re hoping to find time to fit in more exercise or to make more time for yourself in 2017, riding the bus can help!

Here are seven reasons to ride the bus more in 2017:

1. Squeeze in more reading

Riding the bus means more time to cross books off your reading list. Instead of battling traffic in your car, get on board to add some extra reading time into your busy schedule. You can even ride with us to several library locations and local bookstores like Books & Mortar on Cherry Street (located off of Routes 6 & 14) to keep your personal library stocked.

2. Get more steps

Did you know that public transit riders get more than three times the amount of physical activity per day than non-riders? Walking--or running, because we’ve all done it--to the bus stop is an easy way to sneak in extra steps every day. If getting in shape is in your plans for the new year, riding the bus is a simple way to increase your daily exercise. Start by using our “Nearest Stop” tool on to find the nearest bus stop to your home or workplace.

3. Save money

Gas prices may be low, but for less than $50 you can ride The Rapid as many times as you want for 31 days. Riding the bus offers a cheaper transportation alternative to driving, and it may just make you rethink your spending habits in the process.

4. Meet new people

For those seeking to expand their social circle in 2017, riding the bus offers a chance to meet new people in your community. Maybe you’ll get to know your neighbor better, gain a new friend, or meet someone that inspires you in the community.

5. Reduce stress

Sick of fighting traffic and the general stress that comes from your daily commute? Let the bus be your beacon for finding stress relief. Keep calm as we worry about getting you where you need to go safely and efficiently. Riding the bus in the winter can also be a perfect way to ease stress when road conditions are less than stellar.

6. Make time for yourself

Sometimes taking a little time for yourself can be just what you need in your day. When you ride the bus you have time to enjoy a podcast, listen to your favorite musicians, do some work, or even reflect on the day ahead. Passengers continually share how much their extra downtime on the bus means to them.

7. Explore your community

Riding the bus (literally) offers you a window to your community. While you’re traveling to your destination you have a chance to enjoy your surroundings, which often leads to finding new businesses and locations to visit. Getting on board the bus may mean trying a new restaurant or visiting a new local shop in your neighborhood.

Do you plan to ride the bus more in 2017?

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