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As we plan our first ever Rapidian Picnic Social, Friday June 10 at Noon, we can't help but wonder where we should picnic next. Help us by suggesting where we should go next!
An icecream social in our future? Probably!

An icecream social in our future? Probably! /stevendepolo on Flickr

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As many of you hopefully know, we are hosting a lil’ summer picnic in the tiny park across the street from Wealthy Theatre at noon on Friday, June 10. We periodically put these little meet and greets together so that those of us in the Rapidian community can get together to swap stories, share ideas, and help each other through the process of using the Rapidian as contributors, readers, and general supporters.

We got some valuable feedback about our last social, held a few months ago during happy hour at Stella’s. While many in the Rapidian family indicated that they would love to come to a social, they just couldn’t make it during the happy hour time frame - suggesting that we switch it up with a lunch time social.


We’ve decided to exactly that. As a staff, we at The Rapidian have resolved to schedule two socials per quarter - one “after hours” (well, after office hours that is) and one at lunch time.  

A major impetus for this shake up is to make it possible for even more to participate in the Rapidian in real life. As our Content Editor, Holly Bechiri, put it “We wanted to provide something that didn’t require that a) you’re 21 or older and b) you have money to spend to be able to get together with us.”

The midday picnic version of the Rapidian socials will always be all-ages, BYOlunch, and free.

Alright, so we - have the what’s and the when’s - but what about the where’s? Where in Grand Rapids would you like to hang out with a bunch of citizen journalism addicts?

I, myself would like to put in a vote for Roosevelt Park in the South West side - mostly because I am ashamed to admit that I have never actually been to that neighborhoods titular park and it would be a great opportunity to get to know a new (to me) part of town.

Let us know where you would like us to plan future picnic socials by commenting below or letting us know in person a week from Friday at noon at the adorable patch of grass across the street from our beloved Wealthy Theatre. And don’t forget to bring your own lunch and chair or blanket. Summer is here, and it is time to picnic!

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I'm a "Clearwire" subscriber with a portable wifi unit (5 people can connect) if it's needed.  Like most things it's just about getting myself motivated to attend so if I'm needed for my Wifi it will be that extra ounce to get my butt to the picnic.  You know who I am -- get at me if this is worth nagging me about.


**edit - Wait what?  Why did I think their was something in this story asking about Wifi connection at a park?  Am I crazy or was this edited?  Rah!

that was actually on last weeks poll, which was related to this topic.

But, yes, we are totally interested! Chad, this is a perfect idea!

Picnic tables or more of a spead a picnic blanket out? Covered eating area preferred?  Lot's of shade?