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Story Mapping: Relationships

Photo Credit: Scott Warren

Every two weeks, The Rapidian will feature a specific content theme relevant to the goings-on in Grand Rapids. As a hyperlocal news source, we're interested in what's happening in your corner of Grand Rapids.

February. More specifically, Valentine's Day. We know it's a touchy holiday, but it dishes up some food for thought.

What guarantees longevity in different relationships, from enemies to lovers? What are some notable relationships in GR that have stood the test of time? Unexpected couples? If you do take the holiday focus, Feb. 14 is also V-Day (global movement to end violence against girls and women); is anything happening in GR in acknowledgement of that day?

We are looking for news stories, editorials, photographs, videos. Be sure to submit your piece under the proper category: news, opinion or local life.

Tag your stories with the "feb101" so that they will show up on the map below, and the list of articles below that (note: articles will only appear on the map if you have added location information).

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Once I tried to impress a girlfriend by making her heart-shaped squash and spinach ravioli. The pasta wasn't as thick as it should have been, though, and what I served her looked more like a plate of wet organs. The red sauce I tried to cover it up with made it look even worse. I don't think she ate a whole lot of it but I remember it being tasty nonetheless.

If you've got an embarrassing Valentine's Day story to tell, it might make a good opinion piece. Even better, if you can finf embarrassing stories from other people in Grand Rapids, that would make a great local life piece.