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Rapidian socials: In a boat, with a goat? In the rain, on a train?

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Perhaps you remember them: ice cream socials, Rapidian reporter gatherings, happy hours... we took a break from monthly socials during the holiday season, and now that we've been gifted with a full staff, let's rock and roll!

All you creative thinkers and lovers of fun, don your best and brightest thinking cap. If it were left up to our devices, we'd continue with the happy hour trend. But back in November, when I proposed a Rapidian crafting session, mounds of stellar suggestions came shooting in. We were pleasantly surprised and want to tap your minds again. Do you envision a crafting session? A local politics, history or trivia night? Scavenger hunt?

Objective: Dream up ideas and themes that would be fun as Rapidian socials

Parameters: We have just two, really:

  1. Rapidian socials are meant to bring together the entire Rapidian community - readers to contributors - and bring new friends into the fold. Think up something that would appeal to a diverse community.
  2. We have no budget. That said, we're scrappy and we know from experience that money isn't the key ingredient to creating a great community. How can we make the most of the resources in the community and on staff before shaking out the coffers?

Ready... set... GO!



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in a boat. with a goat!

In a Jeep, with sheep.

 on small rafts, with some crafts.

petting zoo!

i have to admit that i love the happy hour idea.  i also think that a picnic (not now, later. Later.) or an indoor potluck would be fun. i'm all for shared meals, as a rule.

So what I'm getting is milk goats on boats, spin some wool to knit plush animals and craft together a zoo. Is that right?

once the weather is nice there should be themed potluck picnics at local parks!