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A Q&A with Erin Davies, "FagBug" Director

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As part of the QUEERIES film series, sponsored by GVSU LGBT Resource Center, Wealthy Theatre is proud to feature a June 25 concert/movie, with LVNMUZQ opening at 7pm, followed by the Grand Rapids premiere of "FagBug," a documentary by Erin Davies.  Davies is here today, and her FagBug is parked in front of Grand Rapids Community Center's Wealthy Theatre all day.  She'll be answering questions following the screening, tonight.

QUEERIES partners include GVSU LGBT Resource Center, Arcus Foundation, Ameriprise, Rumors Nightclub, West Michigan Pride, The Network, and Speak Equal!

The following is a Q&A with Erin Davies, conducted in the administrative office at Wealthy Theatre, today (June 25).

WT: We're so happy you're here today - how was your stay at Lasting Impressions Bed & Breakfast?

ERIN: My stay at Lasting Impressions so far has been wonderful. Karen welcomed my pomeranian Hoosick with open arms, was there to greet me when I got to town last night at 10:30PM, and had a wonderful mexican style breakfast with fruit ready for me this morning. We had great conversation and I am looking forward to my stay again tonight.

WT: This morning you've already been on Shelley Irwin's morning show, on Michigan Public Radio - for anyone who wasn't listening, what were some highlights of that conversation?

ERIN: She highlighted that she thinks my car is the most unique car around. I told her it's the gayest car around. We discussed what the film's about, reactions the car gets, what my message is to young people who see the car or watch the film, and future plans to create a Fagbug Museum and Brewery in Syracuse, NY.

WT: So far, how are you finding the reaction to the Fagbug in Grand Rapids, MI?  We've seen cars almost getting into accidents as the passengers crane their necks, driving by!

ERIN: So far I've seen tons of people taking pictures, I had a man yell out that he loved the colors who gave me a thumbs up, I had construction workers yell out fagbug and tell me they think they car is very unique, I had women who read about it and thought what I'm doing with it is awesome, I had a man take a picture while I filmed him and once he saw me filming he tried to hide, like I have to get a picture of that, but don't want to be caught having anything to do with it. On the way here, I had a man tell me they wouldn't drive my car unless they got paid $1000 to do it.

WT: Grand Rapids has a reputation for being on the conservative side of politics - what would you say to people on the fence about attending tonight's 8pm screening of "Fagbug"?  What are some universal themes the movie touches on?

ERIN: The movie touches upon several themes and storylines, at the core it's about taking a negative and turning it into a positive, not letting anyone make you a victim, being strong even if people criticize you for doing what you believe, going after your dreams despite your fears or lack of resources.

WT: Has the person who vandalized your car ever come forward? What would you say if you got to meet him/her?

ERIN: The movie at the end says, "dedicated to whoever vandalized my car." This person after 3 years has yet to come forward. In the end isn't it ironic that they are the one who's silent, who's hiding? My life has been changed by this person for good and bad, and I've made every choice I've made with the project to in turn hope to change them as well. People always say if they found the person they'd beat them up or shake their hand, I'd become friends with the person, we have become a part of each other's lives in a way that other people haven't.

WT: Well we're on to a vegetarian lunch at Brick Road Pizza, and then a trip to Rainbow Music, then a 4:20pm appearance on WYCE 88.1FM, and finally a photoshoot in front of the theatre with Terry Johnston - what's next for you after you leave Grand Rapids, tomorrow?

ERIN: I'll be driving to Chicago to have a booth at their gay pride festival on Saturday and will have the Fagbug in the gay pride parade in Chicago if anyone wants to march. Hopefully Fagbug will win an award in the parade!

From there, I will be doing several more prides this summer to promote the DVD release, and am closing on a $2 property I just got in Syracuse, NY where I am spending the next 2 renovating it and turning it into a museum and brewery for Fagbug. The next film will be called Fagbrew and is already in production.

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