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The Market on The Avenue for the Arts looks at ways to get dreamy on the streets of Grand Rapids.
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rad flyer made by ryan wyrick!

rad flyer made by ryan wyrick!

beverly being the best.

beverly being the best. /marlee grace cook-parrott

colyn selling the best in embroidered magic.

colyn selling the best in embroidered magic.

The Market is more than just an event to shop at. It is much more than another money-making opportunity for your craft business. It is more than a time filler, an obligation, a notch in the bedpost of things to do on a Saturday. The Market is an opportunity to fill all of the big voids in your life. All of your missing pieces. It’s an opportunity to be taken to a dreamworld of magic!

The beautiful thing about this day is how in the moment and raw everything is. In a five hour window you could easily run into people you haven’t seen in years, months, your best friend, a coworker. The Market is a common place for all of us to meet, to celebrate the simplicity and realness of passing down traditions and reclaiming the streets for the sale and exchange of goods. Handmade goods. Goods made with your hands. Your good hands making things.

In front of every vendor booth and on the street corners ideas are flying left and right. The Market is not a place to cut yourself short, it’s a place to get dreamy. To remind yourself and everyone around you that we can do anything. In this neighborhood, in this city, in this state.

Every market brings a new crowd, a different energy, and a variety of schemers and dreamers. Vendors work hard to make some of the most unique and well-made art in the state. Artists keep prices affordable and are always excited about chatting about their work. From vintage threads and typewriter key rings to collage kitsch and knick knacks galore, you will find what you need.

Now you might be thinking, wait a minute, do I really NEED any of those things? While most of us scour thrift stores for second hand deals and pinch our money for the bills, purchasing one-of-a-kind work from local artists can bring a new sense of meaning to your life. Instead of filling your wardrobe with chintsy things, you could be spending a few extra bucks that someone put a lot of positive energy into while making it. Then you wear it and carry those good vibes with you, everywhere. Sure Salvation Army wall hangings are a treat, but skip the middle woman and go straight to the source!

In addition to all of the great things you can buy for yourself, your parents, your lover or the boy who you are totally crushin' on, you can also get rad ideas for your own craft projects! Swap techniques and ideas with vendors, collaborate with them, tell them how inspiring they are so they keep working hard. There is no better time than right now to start being creative on your own time.

While the street is swirling with colors and shapes and grins from ear to ear, you can also listen to some jams in the 106 parking lot.

After you’ve filled your heart with enough goodness to float you to the moon, text your friends to come down. Then peer in some of the empty store fronts on Division and start making a plan for how we’re all going to work together to make this block pop. The Market is the beginning, we have to all keep swimming to make the rest happen.
We give you the space. The hardest part is showing up and being present. After that it’s a breeze. So join us on August 13th and September 10th from 4-9pm for afternoons that promise to be filled with love and light. 

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