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Eat & Drink ArtPrize 2010

Some hors d'œuvres with your ArtPrize

Photo Credit: dblstripe

Some hors d'œuvres with your ArtPrize

Welcome to the officially unofficial guide to eating and and drinking your way around ArtPrize 2010! The hard working volunteer contributors to The Rapidian have taken on the utterly laborious task of visiting each and every one of the 43 bar and restaurant venues exhibiting work during this year's ArtPrize and detailed them in this helpful insider guide. We outline just exactly what patrons can find food- and drink-wise as well as a brief overview of the art work on display in each venue.

This guide should give Rapidians and visitors to Grand Rapids some insight into the places they might like to visit while eating and drinking their way around ArtPrize (Sept. 22 - Oct. 10, 2010) The price guide included in each sidebar can be translated as follows:

Breakfast: $: under $5, $$: $6-$8, $$$: over $9
Lunch$: under $6, $$: $7 to $9, $$$: over $10
Dinner: $: under $10, $$: 11 to $15, $$$: over $16

Bon apetit!


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Are we still waiting on a HopCat review? I know they're a venue again.

We have a review from HopCat,

We have a review from HopCat, actually. Thanks for noticing!