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In studio: Boys & Girls Clubs of GR Youth Commonwealth

This dispatch was added by one of our Nonprofit Neighbors. It does not represent the editorial voice of The Rapidian or Community Media Center.

Joining us on the air are Andrew Page and Sarah Navis of Boys & Girls Clubs of Grand Rapids Youth Commonwealth.
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Catalyst Radio is a weekly radio show with hosts Linda Gellasch and Denise Cheng that looks at the behind-the-scenes of Rapidian reporting as well as grassroots and nonprofit efforts around the community. The show comprises a media analysis and developments portion, interview segment and calendar of events. You can catch it on air at noon every Friday on WYCE 88.1 FM or streaming on the Grand Rapids Community Media Center Website.

Joining us on the air are Andrew Page and Sarah Navis of Boys & Girls Clubs of Grand Rapids Youth Commonwealth. This week's featured song is "Double Shot" from Sam Stryke's newest album, Brunch. Stryke is a pianist with roots in Grand rapids.



After a police raid on a digital journalist's home, lawyers are questioning the legitimacy of the warrant used to gain entrance. In late April, police officers in California got a warrant to search a Gizmodo editor's house in order to find evidence associated with a Gizmodo story that leaked a prototype of the next generation iPhone. Under California law, bloggers are journalists and protected from federal and state warrants because they are not specific enough for what evidence may be taken, which can put reporters' other sources at risk. They are required to serve a subpoena so the journalist can challenge claims.

Nieman Lab

Media Bug, a Knight Foundation-backed project, has recently launched in beta mode. The project received a $337,000 grant from the journalism foundation to create a platform for web denizens to report errors in news stories, from grammar and spelling to misinformation. The site also tracks when these changes have been made to the original story.


After years of trying to quash voice-over IP usage on smart phones, cell phone companies have decided to cede territory to the likes of Skype. In the past, cell phone companies would try to discourage their customers from using Internet-based services such as Skype to make phone calls by making threats to phone plans. With the rapid growth of the smart phone industry, cell phone companies have realized there is plenty of money to be made off data transfer and has allowed for VoIP services to make their mark.

Tech Radar

A ten-year study into the effects of cell phones on health has just been launched. Imperial College, which is heading up the research, will look into whether cell phones can result in illnesses such as cancer or brain diseases. According to the group, cell phones have not been around long enough to track health findings accurately.

Poynter: Mobile Media

The Wall Street Journal has announced a partnership with FourSquare, a location-based social network that awards digital badges based on how often users frequent locations such as restaurants and businesses. This happened to coincide with WSJ's announcement of a city edition to compete with the New York Times. There will be three badges available to users earned by checking in from NYC's five boroughs, dining in at least two restaurants reviewed by WSJ and checking in three times from the city's financial district.


Hyperlocal projects EveryBlock and SeeClickFix have combined forces to create a more powerful platform. EveryBlock aggregates news, blog posts and public records on a hyperlocal level, down to the street, and SeeClickFix allows users with smartphones to dial in urban problems they see in order to solicit action or inform others, such as potholes and construction.



On Monday, May 10, East Hills Neighborhood Association will be celebrating the women of East Hills with a fundraiser at Gaia Restaurant from 6-8:30p. Tickets are being sold for a suggested donation of $20. For more information, check out the Facebook event page or call 616.454.9079.

On Wednesday, May 12 from 6-9, Creston Neighborhood Association will be hosting its fourth annual Art Battle for Community fundraiser at Sazerac Lounge. Attendees will get to mingle with neighborhood artists, officials and candidates seeking office. For more information, call Creston Neighborhood Association at 616.454.7900

Local First is hosting its first Local-Squared on Saturday, May 15 from 10a-2p. Local-Squared is a local business scavenger hunt using FourSquare, a social media location application for mobile phones. Participants will "check in" at local businesses. The scavenger hunt will begin at the Fulton Street Farmers Market. Check out the Facebook event page for more information.

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I started to listen to the audio for this, but when I accidentally click a link on the page, I was redirected.  When I came back to the page to finish listening, the clip restarted itself with no way to skip through the 10 minutes I'd already listened to.  I went to the GRCM page hoping there was another link there that was navigable, but no luck.  (The "Listen Now" link sends me to a 404 error page.)  Then, hoping that perhaps you have a podcast available, I searched iTunes for WYCE.  Alas, nada.  Perhaps the good folks in the GRCM tech room could expand the accessibility of the content a bit more?  I don't own a radio, but have my mobile tech on me all the time for listening during commutes, in between meetings, etc.  Thanks!

We actually pull the source for this audio off You should be able to toggle through the audio, although admittedly it's rather difficult because their audio player is so small. If you go to the GRCMC Web site for Catalyst Radio, there are options to pop out the audio player, download the mp3 file or look at the news analysis. You can't toggle through GRCMC's audio player, which is a pain. I'm not sure about podcasting on iTunes; I'll have to ask our community friends at WYCE about that.

Thanks for bringing this up! I've been so used to podcasts that for quite a while now, I forgot I even owned a radio!

Scratch that about toggling on the GRCMC site. You can toggle but can't pause while waiting for the show to load.