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Screening and discussion planned to "Stop hate. Together."

Submitted 11-22-2011 under OPINION

On December 7th, local groups and residents are coming together to view and discuss the documentary "Not In Our Town."


The Rapidian adds photo of the day archive and expands media map

Submitted 11-09-2011 under OPINION

From the Staff: A quick round of up some of things we've been working on since The Rapidian was relaunched in mid-September


See you again

Submitted 10-25-2011 under OPINION

And here's where I'm grateful: When it comes to The Rapidian, I don't need to wait ten years to know what I will remember down the road.


Looking back: capturing the art and kitsch of fall

Submitted 10-20-2011 under OPINION

We look back on our Picturesque theme this fall - "Art or Kitsch?" - and look for inspiration for our next Picturesque gallery-none if which would be possible without our sponsor, ColorInc ProLab.


Beyond the poll: join the "shop local" conversation

Submitted 10-11-2011 under OPINION

Go beyond this week's poll and join in conversation about what shopping local really means to you.


Why we do what we do: categorization on The Rapidian

Submitted 10-06-2011 under OPINION

A little bit about the hows and whys of The Rapidian’s revised system of categorizing content,


ArtPrize A-B-C, Easy as 1-2-3

Submitted 09-20-2011 under OPINION

Love it or hate it or just not sure about it, ArtPrize is here. Take the most of the opportunity and talk about art, talk to artists, talk with each other: The Rapidian provides the platform.


Welcoming new partnerships on The Rapidian's second birthday

Submitted 09-12-2011 under OPINION

As the Rapidian turns two, we welcome the business community, unveil new features and invite reader support to help sustain the momentum.


Hunger Aware

Submitted 09-05-2011 under OPINION

Becoming aware of the hunger and food security issues in Grand Rapids, and learning what it's like for the 55,803 Kent County residents who need food stamps to feed their families.


Beat Reporting comes to The Rapidian

Submitted 08-31-2011 under OPINION

Learn what beat reporting is all about, get involved with the Food Culture Beat Reporters, start your own beat based on your interests and passions!