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Rapidian still reaching for 250-donor goal

Halfway through our fund drive, we thought we'd break down the basics for our readers. Our goal: 250 donors, building a community of support to help for the platform, tools, training and mentorship needed to sustain our hyperlocal news source powered by the people of Grand Rapids.
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Someone asked me this morning: What's your goal with this fund drive? Why are you doing it? What are you going to do with the money? Why should I invest my money?

So I thought I'd give you the "short version" answer to those questions:

Our goal is to build a community of support, to the tune of 250 donors, by the end of the week. So far, as of writing this Thursday midday, we've reached 35% of our goal, with three days to go in our efforts.

Monies from these 250 (or more!) donors will help us be able to continue to provide a platform where every citizen has a voice to share the news happening in their own neighborhoods and communities, with a support system in place to mentor, train and provide tools for these citizen journalists as they learn how to tell their story well. 

That's our goal. We need 250 donations, in any amount, by Sunday night. We need it to keep The Rapidian going-to help us be sustainable and continue to be an asset to the community. Those are the cold, hard facts.
The real truth, though, isn't found in the cold, hard facts. The real truth is found in the notes we've been getting from our donors this week. In answer to my friend who asked "why should I invest my money," I had to point to a community that had already invested. Here's why they donated. We'd love it if you joined them.
"The Rapidian is an amazingly professional resource for the entire community that tried to understand our city and encourage new writers." -Steven dePolo

"From a contributors standpoint, you've created a very user-friendly and inviting platform. Thank you for all your hard work! I love The Rapidian!" -Amanda St. Pierre

"This is an important part of free speech." -Anonymous

"We are so grateful to have a resource like The Rapidian in our community, to reflect the voices of the people, by the people, for the people!" -Erica and Brian VanEe"

Hyperlocal news is crucial, but it's tough to sustain unless people care enough to support it financially, in addition to their emotional commitment." -Meegan Holland

"The Rapidian is my source of local news, and one of my own outlets for writing. I believe in supporting the organizations I care about!" -Anonymous

"The Rapidian is as local as it gets, and to me, local news is what counts. Thank you all for creating a wonderful community resource!" -Jes Kramer

"A good organization filled with talented people. Keep up the great work!" - Becker Capital management

"I appreciate The Rapidian's coverage of local writers and artists.:" -Tanya Eby

"The Rapidian is hyperlocal.  I feel my contributions help strengthen our greater Grand Rapids community, which is important to me." -Calvin Webb

"The Rapidian is the best thing to happen to media in West Michigan in years. These are stories worth reading!" -Pam Ralston Hunt, Ralston Hunt Marketing Communitcations, LLC

"Great source of news that you do not hear or read anywhere else. Best way to keep current on what is going on in our community." -Sally Schaafsma 

"I just simply think it's so important to have an independent minded news source - and I feel extremely lucky to have one in my own neighborhood." -Heather Bryant

"Best local stories about West Michigan out there." -Anonymous

"Thanks for offering such a wonderful source of community activity/interests!" -Kissing Rock Kitchens 

 "Support The Rapidian. It is the voice for the people of Grand Rapids." -Lisa Rose Starner  "The Rapidian is a valuable community forum for discussion, education, and information." -Eric Tank

"I love THE RAPIDIAN. LOCAL stories written, photographed and video taped by people who are talented and care about their city. Thank you and I wish a long life for THE RAPIDIAN." -Maggie Annerino

"Citizen powered, including citizens of the GR diaspora!" -Denise Cheng "The Rapidian has a unique role to provide exceptionalreporting at the grass roots level. It is a great service to our community!" -Diana Sieger

"Thank you for all that you do! The Rapidian is breaking the mold on citizen-driven, independent and local media! -Jeremy and Lorelei Moore

"I'm proud to support The Rapidian, giving a voice to people and causes in the community is important to me." -Roberta King

We continue to be overwhelmed with the kind words, the powerful insights and the generosity of our donors. We're hoping you will join them, and help us reach our goal of 250 donors by the end of the week. We're reminded of where The Rapidian started three years ago, and are so thankful that we have been able to carry on that vision through today. We look forward to continuing to serve the community, thanks to donors- believers- like Danielle Storey: 

"The Rapidian meant a lot to Drew. He believed in what they were doing and what they stood for. He believed in the power of local, community. I believe in The Rapidian. Please help support a wonderful local organization."  -Danielle Storey, loving wife of the late Drew Storey, first Rapidian content coordinator

The Rapidian, a program of the 501(c)3 nonprofit Community Media Center, relies on the community’s support to help cover the cost of training reporters and publishing content.

We need your help.

If each of our readers and content creators who values this community platform help support its creation and maintenance, The Rapidian can continue to educate and facilitate a conversation around issues for years to come.

Please support The Rapidian and make a contribution today.

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