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Passing the Mic: King Park Neighbors answers, "How are you maintaining a sense of connection and community during this pandemic?"

Shelby Garbini from King Park Neighbors responds to Highland Park Neighborhood Association's Sam Mosley.

King Park Neighbors

Martin Luther King Park Neighborhood Association, also known as King Park Neighbors, serves its community by promoting communication, connection, and support among residents, enhancing the quality of the resident area environment and its physical appearance, and more.

Formed in 2020, KPN will begin to host and oganize more neighborhood events at its namesake, Martin Luther King Jr. Park, on Grand Rapids' southeast side. Its neighborhood is borded by Franklin St. to the north, Giddings Ave. and Philadelphia Ave. to the east, Adams St. to the south, and Eastern Ave. and Kalamazoo Ave. to the west.

Sam Mosley, Board Member at Highland Park Neighborhood Association, asks Grand Rapids' neighborhood associations:

  • "I would ask of other neighborhood associations how they’re maintaining a sense of connection and community – and making sure that their community members’ voices are heard – during this pandemic? When you’re not able to have as many people at maybe your community meetings or as many in-person conversations."

Shelby Garbini, Board Member at King Park Neighbors, responds, and passes a question on to other neighborhood associations in the city:

  • "I’m curious how other neighborhood associations are really making sure that they are interacting and engaging with a diverse group of neighbors across all their boundaries? Are they tracking that in some way, or do they have some sort of plan to make sure that they capture all of those voices?"


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