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Foster Care: Where Precious Children Go To Die

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Child Protective Service / Family Court child removals also known as trafficking children for profit.
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Where Precious Children Go To Die

Foster Care in over 80% of cases does not help children.  When a child is removed from biological family they lose contact with all relatives, not just their parents and siblings.  These children are emotionally destroyed forever, affecting their entire lives.  Over 60% of people in our prisons came through the foster care system.  In America we are destroying our society by destroying our families.


Visit  and view some of the thousands of children who lost their lives in state care through Child Protective Service and the Family Court system.

Across America the push is on to find more foster care homes for children who have been removed from their family.

But there are questions that should be asked regarding foster care. Why do we need more foster homes? Why have children been removed? Do people bother to investigate a child's case before agreeing to foster that child? Do those who have a desire to foster truly understand what foster caring is all about? Do they desire to help a child or are they only desirous of the income received from fostering a child? After all, many children die at the hands of their foster caregiver. These questions are important. In this article we will be concerned with why any child would need a foster home.

There are countless articles that address these questions. There are countless videos that address the questions. There are countless organizations that advocate for children removed from families. There are not countless people taking interest in why a child is removed from a family. Most of this information addressing the crisis of child removal is addressing how in this nation, its states or its counties, could there possibly be a need to remove so many children.

There may be reasons most people are unaware of regarding child removals. In the 70's the "Child Abuse and Prevention Act" was adopted in Congress. In the 90's the "Adoption and Safe Families Act" was adopted. Therefore, most people believe that Child Protective Service (CPS) is providing a necessary service. To a degree that is true, but to a larger degree that is untrue. These acts provided for much federal funding being made available to Child Protective Service and their contracted agencies. Former Vice President Walter Mondale stated that he could see the Child Abuse and Prevention Act making it possible for the states to make a business out of child removals. That is exactly what has taken place across America.                     

It is important to address this crisis of child removals right here in our own backyard of Kent County. Even now the Kent County agencies such as D.A. Blodgett, Bethany Christian Service, Lutheran Social Service, Holy Cross Children's Services and Catholic Charities are agencies involved in child removals. Most people believe these agencies are just adoption agencies and separate from Child Protective Service. However they are agencies contracted by CPS. Our Kent County Board of Commission is involved in Project 515 which privatizes these agencies in the workings of Child Protective Service. This leads to control of child removals by the agencies.

An Article by Richard Wexler, Executive Director (retired) of the National Coalition for Child Protection Reform (, regarding child welfare finance, titled "You Get What You Pay For" at is very eye opening. Reading on page 10 at page end and continuing through to page 12 is stated the following: ........the net work of private agencies that needs a steady supply of foster children to stay in business, and their allies, will continue with business as usual. These agencies often have blue chip boards of directors, larded with the business, civic and religious elite of their communities. They will make sure that the pressure remains on to take away at least as many children as before.

Is it possible that these agencies are creating the need for foster homes by continually removing children from families unnecessarily? If we are to believe this, then we must consider why this is being done since parents are seldom if ever convicted of any crime against their children.

In Kent County we have seven judges hearing CPS/Family Court cases. Are there really so many children being abused and neglected in Kent County to require a need for seven judges hearing child removal cases every day in Kent County?

Could it be true that agencies and our courts wrongfully remove children for federal funding? Are they making a case, where there is no need, just to remove a child? It is stated that over 25 professions deal with child removals. These professions must have paychecks and the money for those paychecks must come from somewhere.

The agencies have boards of directors which control them. They are mostly philanthropic people who are very knowledgeable in the workings of these agencies. An agency such as D.A. Blodgett proudly places the names of their directors on their website under the heading of "Who We Are". Perhaps you may know some of these directors.

Many families state that their children were removed wrongfully and therefore were legally kidnapped, such as this example of a D.A. Blodgett case:

Citizens for Parental Rights is aware of many such cases wrongfully handled by D.A. Blodgett in Kent County.

Nationwide over 80% of children are wrongly removed for the federal funding to states, which annually is many billions of dollars. Will Gaston, founder of "A Voice for Children" with his wife Pam wrote a book titled "Sui Juris". The last statement on page 16 speaks to the massive numbers of children kidnapped by the states in this nation.

If people do not rise up and stop this atrocity, we can expect untold numbers of children leaving their families. Thinking not yours? Think again! Many people who thought that way wish now they had thought differently. Joining Citizens for Parental Rights in Kent County is always an option to help change what is taking place with our children. If you do nothing then expect nothing, except maybe a knock at your door by CPS.

Citizens for Parental Rights: [email protected]

"The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing" ~ Albert Einstein






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