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Hunger Challenge: Day 5

Submitted 09-10-2011 under OPINION

I spent the day with a spending limit of $4.37 and a couple dollar menus.


Hunger Challenge: Day 4

Submitted 09-09-2011 under OPINION

Day 4 I get pretty run-down. I fall asleep at my computer on two occasions and get a little sick. It's getting tough, folks.


Hunger Challenge: Day 3

Submitted 09-08-2011 under OPINION

Day 3 is all about George Washington, bussing tables, and life lessons. Spoiler alert: I may have cheated a little, read on for full gossip.


Hunger Challenge:Day 2

Submitted 09-07-2011 under OPINION

Stick with me as I move onto day two of the Hunger Challenge. This one features lentil soup, diet coke lust and lots of popcorn.


Hunger Challenge: Introduction

Submitted 09-06-2011 under OPINION

A summary of my first day taking on the Hunger Challenge


Hunger Challenge: Day 1

Submitted 09-06-2011 under OPINION

A summary of my first day participating in the Hunger Challenge


Beat Reporting comes to The Rapidian

Submitted 08-31-2011 under OPINION

Learn what beat reporting is all about, get involved with the Food Culture Beat Reporters, start your own beat based on your interests and passions!


Growing into Grand Rapids

Submitted 08-25-2011 under VOICES

A personal essay about growing up in Grand Rapids and learning to love it.


Your input really matters!

Submitted 08-18-2011 under OPINION

We need YOU to take a Rapidian audience survey.


Where do you live?

Submitted 08-09-2011 under OPINION

The Rapidian wants to know: how do you define your geographies?