Homeless shelter extends hours in winter freeze

by (dansteenwyk)

Submitted 01-24-2014 under NEWS

While Old Man Winter throws a fit, Mel Trotter Ministries (225 Commerce SW) are keeping their Day Center open to anyone in need of shelter. Cynthia Longyne, Communications Manager for Mel Trotter, says the Day Center will stay open as long as...

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One flock of a storm: Epic weather, social media in Grand Rapids

by (diaghilev)

Submitted 01-10-2014 under OPINION

Social media long ago replaced "the corner diner" as the place for conversations about current events. No more so than here, in Grand Rapids, MI. Especially during epic winter weather, as the storm becomes almost secondary to the ongoing...

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It's Cold. It's Dark. It's Grey.

by (FriendsofGRParks)

Submitted 12-23-2013 under PLACE-MATTERS

It’s cold. It’s dark. It’s grey. It’s winter in Grand Rapids. I moved to Grand Rapids in the late '90s, and my first winter here made me think I had found the end of the earth. I questioned why any reasonable human...

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West Michigan winters I have known

by (rachelcc)

Submitted 12-12-2013 under LOCAL LIFE

Winter seems to have gotten the jump on us this year with that arctic blast we got even before Thanksgiving. Michigan - always keeping it interesting! Last year we had a dry, rather balmy beginning to winter, until someone upstairs finally...

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Cast your vote for best window display during Window Wonderland Campaign

by (erictank)

Submitted 12-03-2013 under NEWS

On November 22 Downtown Grand Rapids Inc. launched its Window Wonderland Campaign, an effort that challenges downtown businesses to create unique holiday themed window displays. Collaborating with local shops are students from Kendall College of Art...

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Preparing to Drive in West Michigan Snow

by (rachelcc)

Submitted 11-09-2013 under LOCAL LIFE

The Farmers' Almanac is predicting a "biting cold & snowy" winter for the Great Lakes this year.  Are you ready?  Of course, the Farmers' Almanac could be all wet like it has been before, but this being Michigan and...

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Story Matters: Michele Day and Amanda Lowey compare Grand Rapids to San Francisco

by (The Rapidian)

Submitted 09-26-2013 under NONPROFITS

We build community when we share our stories - whether they be a memory, an experience or just simply telling what we think is great about this place. While at various ArtPrize venues throughout the event, The Rapidian's Story Matters...

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So this is Grand Rapids: Welcome to winter

by (kcaralis)

Submitted 01-30-2012 under OPINION

You know it’s winter in Michigan when you struggle to remember the last time you saw the sun. Maybe it’s just the memories of digging my car out of waist-deep snow last year in Boston, but the mild start to this winter leaves me with a...

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Family(ish) time during Christmas

by (nickmanes)

Submitted 12-23-2011 under OPINION

Yes, we all know that the holidays are intended to be spent with family, friends and loved ones. Office parties, egg nog, twinkly lights, 24 hours of "A Christmas Story." These are all integral parts of the holiday experience. However, for...

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The end of Picturesque doesn't mean the end of winter fun!

by (dennetmint)

Submitted 02-01-2011 under OPINION

That was a hard title to type, especially in light of a blizzard on the horizon, descending upon us at dusk today. "Snowpocalypse" and "snowmageddon" have been bandied around, so this reminder of what we love about West Michigan winters couldn't be...

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