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ArtPrize voting heads into Round 2 with 20 public vote finalists

by (Holly)

Submitted 10-05-2014 under NEWS

As the public and juried voting tracks run parallel this year, Round 2 of public voting has shifted significantly as well. Now that the top 20 works (five for each category of 2-D, 3-D, Installation and Time-Based) have been revealed, it's time...

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"Origami" highlights Grand Rapids community

by (laurelgreen)

Submitted 10-03-2012 under NEWS

New York-based artist Kumi Yamashita has made quite an impression on Grand Rapids this year with her installation, “Origami.” On display at the Grand Rapids Art Museum (GRAM), “Origami” consists of 99 individual pieces of...

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Audio: ArtPrize 2009 Winner Announced

by (silverman)

Submitted 10-08-2009 under LOCAL LIFE

Rick Devos reads off the top ten of Artprize 2009 amidst cheers and applause.

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